Possible Parity Changes Coming in The Near Future? – Speculation

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People that play or follow World of Tanks Blitz, the cross-platform counterpart, or are just really good at staying in the loop may have noticed the developers of World of Tanks Blitz adding Swedish heavy tanks into WoTB. This could very well be an attempt at closing the parity gap between the two games. But if that is the case, WoT has some work to do in that department too. The main thing that sticks out at me is the branch of Japanese tank destroyers that arrived several patches ago inside WoTB. When they get added they would obviously, or at least, in my opinion, adjust these vehicles to suit the PC meta better.

The Japanese tank destroyer branch in WoTB branches off of the Chi-To, the chassis is on a higher tier tank, the Chi-To SPG. Now when it comes to adding this to the game, the developers have a surplus of options for how they can do this. They could, for instance, use the Ha-Go chassis, move it up a tier and make the Ho-Ru. They can also do the same and make the Ho-Ni out of the Chi-Ha, the Ku-Se out of the Ke-Ho, but things aren’t so straightforward at tier VI. There is no tier V Japanese tank that has historically been made into a tank destroyer. But we are talking about WoT, so that gives them more possibilities, not less. They could move everything up just by dividing the Ho-Ni into up to three different tanks, they could just as easily add the Na-To, or they can choose something they do often as it is, and just make up a tank that seems like a logical stopgap.

In WoTB, the Chi-To SPG is similar to the JagdPanther, it is a very mobile tank with a good gun, and great gun depression. Its 10.5cm gun has a 7.29 second reload with 310 average damage and 215 standard armor penetration. It has a top speed of 45 km/h, and more than enough engine power and terrain resistance to reach it. It has 150mm of frontal armor, the same as the CS-44’s turret, but it is less angled, that should give you an idea what the armor on this tank is like.

Chi-To SPG as seen in WoTB

At tier VIII, there is the Ho-Ri Type I, which uses the previous 10.5cm gun in the stock configuration. This is where the branch starts to come into its own, and comparisons to other branches are not as easy to make. It’s a fast tank like its predecessor and has 190mm of armor, which is enough to make a lot of bounces happen. The mainstay gun on this tank is the Gun 12cm Gun type 10, with 4.8 seconds aim time, a 9.78 second reload, that has 248 armor penetration, and does 400 damage on average.

Ho-Ri Type I as seen in WoTB

The Ho-Ri Type II at tier IX is for the most part just the Ho-Ri Type I but the gun is in the rear of the tank, it even has the same frontal armor of 190mm. 190mm, as it is, is not super reliable armor for a tier VIII tank, so that is less useful at tier IX. For example, the T-44 has 190mm of armor on the turret. This tank is certainly not going to bounce shots as often as the Chi-To SPG provided they are both getting same-tier matchmaking. It only goes 37 km/h and the developers of WoTB stated that it is a speedy tank, this is where a lot of problems might come from if this tank got added tomorrow. It carries the 14.9cm Gun Type 89 when maxed. With this gun, it has 290 standard penetration, does 560 damage every 13.42 seconds, and has a 5 second aim time.

Ho-Ri Type II

Note this image is from War Thunder, but there is effectively no appearance difference so I am just gonna go with it.

The Ho-Ri Type III has less gun depression than the rest of its line. (The Chi-To SPG having 10 degrees, and the others having 8) But, its unimpressive 6 degrees is not really the end of the world. It’s 250mm of frontal armor will usually not stop premium ammunition, and it’s a really gigantic and ugly tank, making it not suitable for frontline combat in the first place. If 250mm of armor sounds like a lot, that’s because most of the 250mm plates you bounce off are well angled, but this tank’s armor is about as well angled as the Tiger (P). Its 14.9cm Gun Type 96 has 3.7 seconds aim time, an 11.5 second reload, and does 560 damage on average. With premium ammunition, it has 380mm of armor penetration, which is the best that WoTB has ever seen. That is 40mm less than the armor penetration of the JagdPanzer E-100 (PC) that has 420, the highest penetration of anything on PC, provided you use premium ammunition.

Ho-Ri Type III as seen on WoTB

If these tanks get added sometime in the future I would expect them to lower the penetration. The devs of WoTB say that these are fast tanks, and that makes sense, after all, their game doesn’t have armored cars in it. I would not be surprised if their speed got buffed, but they could just as easily say they are slow tanks in the update video. I didn’t think Japanese heavy tanks were a possibility. The gun depression of Swedish heavies does not have a niche to occupy in WoTB given how flat the maps are, but they made the jump from WoTB to PC, and that makes it seem a lot more likely that the Japanese tank destroyers might cross the gap in the other direction sometime soon.

18 thoughts on “Possible Parity Changes Coming in The Near Future? – Speculation

  1. Not bad, but there’s just something I don’t understand about what the article is telling me. it’s missing some important info.

    The Japanese TD’s were originally meant to be apart of the main game starting at tier 2 and going all the to tier 10.

    Yeah the line was originally being developed by Kongzhong’s WoT team, on the side while they developed the Chinese TD’s back in like 2015. I only know this because of one of the “Devs” at Kongzhong leaked some images of the unfinished Ho-Ru, Ho-Ni III and Na-To models on the old Mittengard map and posted silhouettes of the four top tiers who had happened to match the four TD’s on Blitz on his personal blog. wish I had the link but if I remember right it got delete a couple of months later. and both lines went dark for awhile till 2017 when the Chinese TD’s we’re announced and the Japanese TD’s disappeared of the face of the earth with no one reporting about it. (Makes sense, the blog was on the Chinese internet after all) and reappeared in Blitz last Christmas.

    The article should be asking instead. “Should the TD’s come to the main game as they appear on Blitz? Or if the lost and original tech line starting from tier 2 should be the proper way to go.” Since it’s obvious that the Blitz team took liberties with the designs. As the Ho-Ni III is at tier 9 while the Ho-Ni II is at tier 10 with the Type 5’s non-derp gun. a gun that the Ho-Ni could only mount if the super structure was open like the Sturer Emil. as the gun breach would crush the loader and gunner against the walls inside the tank if the gun swiveled, most likely killing or mortally injuring them if the gun fired. That fake open top SPG you find on google based on the same chassis as the Ho-Ni is far better suited for a gun of that size

    Still if anything, I’m for that one guy’s proposal to have the top tiers be autoloaders like the Italian tanks with accurate 105mm guns since the only premiums, the STT-1, and the GSR105 have 105mm guns (But the GSR105 should be the tier 10 LT instead.) So they would match the lines play style better. But still the article was some good food for thought. I would like to hear your thoughts about the British LT’s on Blitz, and how they may transfer to the main game.

    “5/10 it’s was okay.”

    1. there’s no mystery about the Japanese TDs, the candidates are so obvious it is strange why they have not been added yet

      from Tier 7 to Tier 10 were are sort of already sorted out, I would argue the one with Sloped armour be the Tier 10 (since it was the final one and actually prototyped) and the Ferdinand-like Ho-Ri I be the Tier 9, that way they could do like IRL and have the prototype of the Tier 10 be the Tier 8 premium, with less armour but the same top gun as the Tier 8 (Ho-Ri II, JagdTiger like), just like IRL

      from Tiers 4 through 6 there’s all sorts of combinations possible but you would think the Na-To with the Type5 gun would fit Tier 5 as a glass cannon

      for Tier 6 you can have either the Ka-To with a nerfed 10cm as a glass cannon or the other designe variation of the Tier 7 (casemate all the way to the back, not just in front) with the Type 5 gun and same armour as the Tier 7

      at Tier 4 it will be a conbination of Ho-Nis

      since it is unlikely we will get Tiers 2 and 3 it is unlikely we will see the Ho-Ru (47mm and 57mm guns), the Ho-Ro and Ho-To (120mm and 150mm DERPs)
      the Ho-I (75mm mini-HEAT-DERP and 57mm cannon) and Chi-Ha 120mm short (DERP) are also unlikely since it would mix turrets in the line
      the Chi-Ha with the Naval 120mm gun and Type 5 Ho-Chi (O-I’s 150mm Type 96 DERP) would likely be dificult to balance, far too glass-cannon to go up Tier and far too powerfull guns to go down

      the Hi-Ro/Ji-Ro Sha’s are based on a Tier 2/3 chassis making them impratical at mid-tiers due to their big gun

    2. 5/10 was a harsh rating for someone with so much more information than the author. Perhaps you should consider becoming an author yourself, given that you have so much information.

      1. Can’t agree with you… It was you who chose to be an author, then do it at least on an acceptable level and do not complain.
        It tells a lot that a haunter, a frequent reader of this blog knows way more than you. It really shows you did close to zero research, just read an article then write the more important information down and add some personal opinion.
        He was also constructive, but you reacted offensively. For me, considering your attitude, it is a clear no currently. You have to improve in every direction mate, and take others advice, they have way more experience!

        1. You are right. I came off as rude. The person I replied too, I genuinely think that if they started to write articles they would have a positive contribution to this community. It’s obvious to me now that I should have been more specific.

    1. That seems unlikely. The main thing that has been separating the three games has been WoTB introducing Sci-Fi tanks that come from other universes, and Mercenaries has been separated by fictional tanks they created themselves. Parity initiatives only go so far, most of the time. The Japanese tank destroyers, however, are stable and likely candidates for all platforms. I should also mention SPGs do not exist in WoTB.

      1. And ignorant players should learn how the economy works. WG makes a lot of their money off balancing the game around gold rounds. Reason being is because if more people are shooting gold they’re having to buy more premium content. Gold rounds in effect help fund the game that you get to complain about and play for free.

        Whether you like it or not gold rounds are like arty in that they’re never going to be removed.

        1. Thats bullshit. In the future gold ammo will at least be corrected from current broken one to lower damage but still higher pennetration

    1. Type 5 needs a pen buff in general, 155mm AP and 186mm gold… and an engine power buff…

  2. I hope it will indeed happen, and that it extends to the British LT line from Blitz, as for the Japanese TD line it is soooooooooooooooo easy to make that there’s little to no effort, afterall those are variants from existing vehicles, but they have to fix the order of the Ho-Ri’s
    » Tier 10 = Ho-Ri I
    » Tier 9 = Ho-Ri III (the final mockup and prototype followed this layout/design)
    » Tier 8 = Ho-Ri II

    realistically you want a II » I » III line while a I » II » III line would mirror the Ferdinand » JagdTiger » Jagd E-100 line

  3. You could break up the wall of text using some bullet points it might be easier to read.

  4. Thought the Japanese TD lines could be something on par with German Jpz E-100 TD line with less armour protection and fast-shooting (lower alpha damage for sure) guns.

  5. With many games including WoT, having some differences between versions can be understandable. Performance on consoles is an example. However, feature parity stopped being a thing shortly after WoT launched for console on the Xbox 360. The public-facing statement was that it’s a different development group within Wargaming, therefore they can make changes as they see fit. Different tanks, different stats on tanks, different map rotation, different customization availability.

    I’m not saying 100% parity is necessary for WoT, but as much as I would like things to go in that direction it still doesn’t seem likely; unless whoever made the decision to de-prioritize parity had a change of heart or moved departments. I think it is even less likely between PC and Blitz – those two are much farther-removed than PC and Console. Even Minecraft has managed to be extremely slow about its feature parity between the “new standard” Bedrock edition and the legacy Java edition.

    To add, there are also regional issues. For both World of Tanks and Warframe, and I think this is/was the case with EVE Online as well, the “global” shards or gameplay get additional changes or even their own instance in China. Prices vary wildly for premium content as well, and it just sorta sucks to see different countries subject to difference vehicle stats or customization item availability, let alone lack of general release parity. Doing that work is, well, work, but it’s some of the best work one can do as a game developer or designer.

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