WoT: October Twitch Prime Sneak Peek

  • Unique 2D style is still in question.
  • Unique Commander, Queen Maeve, with Sixth Sense, Jack of All Trades and Repair;
  • Queen Maeve Commemorative Medal;
  • WoT Premium Account Day;
  • 10 missions providing x5 XP after a victory;
  • 4 new rental vehicles: French Somua SM and American T26E4 SuperPershing with 15% discount and Soviet IS-2B and Loza’s M4-A2 Sherman with 20% and 30% discount respectively;
  • Standard Missions for 5x XP and universal fragments.

10 thoughts on “WoT: October Twitch Prime Sneak Peek

    1. Not really, Sixth Sense is 0th perk, the other two are as 1st and 2nd, so you can reroll them(I mean JoAT is not really that great, you can get recon/sit. awarness instead)

  1. Nice with a commander this time!

    Btw, will we see a list of banned cheaters?

  2. Wow Twitch prime is back to what it once was thank you WG!

    that Commander only the 1st skill is a Sixth sense 0 perk ~ so don’t get exited the other 2 skills are just XP to 100% and can be reset as desired giving 3 skills
    ((still awesome

    Soviet IS-2B that will be a interesting Rental for a change
    Unique 2D style – hope that is part of the package nice free unique Camo always nice

    Thank you WG for making Twitch Prime something worth the £7.99 a month ~ for a long time it was just cheap crap

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