Supertest: 🇮🇹 Progetto 71 Changed Stats

Aim spread:

  • during turret rotation: 0,14   0,16;
  • during vehicle movement: 0,23   0,26;
  • during vehicle rotation: 0,23   0,26;
  • during turret rotation at maximum speed: 3,80   4,34;
  • at the maximum vehicle speed: 11,50   13,00;
  • at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 6,24   7,05.

10 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇮🇹 Progetto 71 Changed Stats

  1. Dispersion now worse than defender… uuf thats too much. Defender isnt much fun to play because of that stats, this wont be either… 0,12 turret and 0,23 is limit, otherwise wallet closed.

    1. If you’re playing it in skirmish the survivability is much more important than the dispersion… i think it will be still op.

      And if your’e using the stabilizer and the new improved rotation mechanism it wont be that worse u forget that u can not use the gun rammer cause revolver autoloader so you get a free slot

    2. How can you compare this to a defender?
      This tank is so much more versatile. It has mobility and speed, gun depression and the new super OP Italian autoloader. It will sell like crazy, no matter if you close your wallet or not.

      1. Big lel
        Do you see all its stats ?
        – Speed : On par with Emil I, the tank that can’t go at his maximum speed on flat.
        – Mobility : on par with ST-II, 27° hull traverse (and turret traverse) is not what I call a ballerina.
        – Gun : Standard B nerfed one, cool, but almost all tier 8 have somewhat a tier IX gun.
        – Dispersion : in the current state, WORSE than every T8 heavies (yeah worse than IS5 and AMX 65t, the shittiest guns ever in T8)
        – Armor : Pretty good turret and ok front hull armor (the infography of the video is not true), but crappy glacis and its turret roof is 30mm, a gift for arty.
        The autoreloader is a powerful feature, I agree, but the intraclip is so sad, and the “improved” mechanism is so situational that it is nearly useless.

        In conclusion that tank will be a pain in the ass to play against in hulldown, but a pain to play with too because its soft stats are so awful. You’ll be aimin’ aimin aimin’… for a shot that will kill moles because of your .4 precision… Pretty OP eh ? Oh, and good luck to relocate if you have a hill to climb on your way…

        1. GJ. I see it also this way, how you described it. I dont need sluggish ground shootin mole killer with that disp, accuracy and aim time, i want to have fun, with snapshots, with shots flyin where i am fully aimed… nothin is more disappointing as to shoot ground when fully aimed.

          There are many powercreeped old tanks with that aim disp… no thanks, dont need more WG.

          Armor tanks make fun mostly average and bad players. What makes the difference are low armor, very good gun stats tanks, at least for me…

  2. how wargaming balances op tanks: make the tank as unfun to play as it is to play against. Enemy team angry they can’t pen you and you are angry you can’t hit the enemy.

    1. Exact 😀 and everybody shoots gold or uses food or wants to get the improved dispersion equipment units, like tose up wrote… and at he end who is the winner? you know who… 😉

  3. Why? and who cares!

    Brains guys use your brains
    Just 18 months later say mid 2022, all that expensive Free XP/Gold grinding to get to T10 Italy HT Tech tree

    WG will nerf the fuck out of the Italy HT top tiers REMEMBER only 3 months ago the T8 the T9 the T10 Italy MT line got bad f*ked over

    short memories big sigh still kids what you expect lol

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