High-Tier Medium Vehicle Rebalancing in Update 1.10.1

Source: EU Portal

In Update 1.10.1, we aim to adjust the characteristics of several popular high-tier medium tanks in the German, Chinese, and Soviet branches. These balance changes should adjust the performance of these tanks and, at the same time, preserve their key gameplay features. But just to be clear, let’s start off with the key reasons for rebalancing these tanks.

The Rebalancing Work Continues!

As indicated by your feedback and our statistics, both the German and the Chinese branches of high-tier medium tanks needed a slight rebalance. You’ve often asked us to make the  IX E 50  and  X E 50 Ausf. M  more competitive on the battlefield, so as a result, we’ll improve the turrets of these vehicles, making them more durable and strengthening their frontal armor. In addition, many commanders felt that the Panther II and Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71 guns could be more comfortable and should have increased alpha damage.

We also wanted to make a point about changing the characteristics of the   IX Leopard Prototyp A . After reviewing statistics from the Update 1.10 release, it became clear that, in terms of its efficiency, this tank began to stand out from other Tier IX medium vehicles in the game. In a sense, it became an unrivaled adversary on the battlefield, so we decided to slightly reduce some of its firepower parameters while preserving its general playstyle as much as possible.

The  IX WZ-120  and   X 121 , two fearsome Chinese predators, could be more effective in close combat, but they lack survivability and improved guns for that. The VII T-34-1  and  VIII T-34-2  also need similar tweaks to be more competitive on the battlefield.

The  X Object 140  is a versatile vehicle, but some armor buffs and increased gun depression angles might also do it some good and make it more popular.

Now let’s take a look at each tank individually.

German Mediums: Subtle but Effective Tweaks

Even though the E 50 Ausf. M is already pretty tough, your feedback has confirmed that this vehicle requires a more solid turret to make its role on the battlefield more pronounced. Thus, the frontal armor thickness of the E 50 Ausf. M’s turret will increase from 197 to 267 mm, making this tank less vulnerable in battle at any distance.

The E 50 will also get tougher frontal turret armor (229 mm instead of 197 mm), helping it fight more effectively both on the front line and at medium and long range.

In addition, the E 50’s 10.5 cm gun will have increased armor penetration when firing standard shells (230 mm instead of 220 mm), and its 8.8 cm gun will have increased alpha damage (280 HP instead of 240 HP).

The  VIII Panther II  and  VIII Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71 , both sitting at Tier VIII, will have more impressive firepower as well. Their alpha damage when firing with the 8.8 cm gun will increase from 240 to 280 points.

Chinese Mediums: Harder & More Menacing

The characteristics of four menacing Chinese high-tier medium tanks will change to allow them to fight more effectively in close combat.

The frontal turret armor of the 121 will be strengthened, making it sturdier and harder to penetrate. Its HP will increase (from 1,950 to 2,050), as well as engine power, shell velocity, and armor penetration with standard shells (from 258 to 262). The vehicle’s upper glacis plate armor will also be strengthened as shown below.

The WZ-120 will preserve its status as a versatile flanker with good maneuverability and serious firepower, but will feel more comfortable in close combat. Its HP will increase from 1,650 to 1,750. In addition, we’ll increase its forward speed (from 56 to 60 km/h), so it will be able to reach strategic zones on the battlefield more swiftly. We’ll also decrease the reload time of the 122 mm gun from 12 to 11 seconds. The WZ-120’s DPM will increase (from 2,200 to 2,400) and its gun dispersion will decrease during turret traverse.

The T-34-1 and the T-34-2 will undergo similar changes. Both vehicles will have their HP increased (from 1,050 to 1,150 and 1,300 to 1,400 respectively), while their aiming time will be reduced.

The T-34-1’s 100 mm gun will receive improved accuracy, and the T-34-2’s 122 mm gun will feature a slight decrease from 390 to 360 in alpha damage, but thanks to a reduced reload time, its DPM will increase from 1,560 to 1,800. The T-34-1 will also feature a more devastating DPM (1,800 instead of 1,613). The T-34-2’s upper glacis plate armor will also be strengthened.

The Leopard Prototyp A: Slight Changes

A little over a year ago, we rebalanced some of the characteristics of this German beast to enhance it as a long-range sniper. However, having studied the statistics from the Update 1.10 release after such a serious improvement in its characteristics, we decided to slightly reduce the following firepower parameters:

  • aiming time: from 1.9 to 2 seconds
  • gun dispersion during hull traverse: from 0.16 to 0.2
  • gun dispersion during turret traverse: from 0.1 to 0.12

These are carefully measured changes which will help us correct its effectiveness and bring the vehicle’s parameters in line with other high-tier medium tanks. The Leopard Prototyp A will remain a formidable vehicle with unique gameplay which can carry a team.

The Object 140: Better Armor for Better Performance

Finally, we’ll rebalance the Soviet Object 140. It will receive a strengthened upper glacis plate to be more competitive in close combat. Its gun depression angle will increase from –6 to –7 degrees, so this flanker will be able to take on most of the terrain.

11 thoughts on “High-Tier Medium Vehicle Rebalancing in Update 1.10.1

  1. WG now officially published what the medium tank buffs will be.

    Quote: “The T-34-1 will also feature a more devastating DPM (1,800 instead of 1,613). ”

    This DPM buff has still not yet been implemented on Common Test version 2.
    The reload time is still current life stats of ‘9.3 seconds’ and ‘1613 DPM’.

    It’s a minor adjustment to this tank, but it seems like someone has consecutively been forgetting to adjust/implemented this minor QoL buff.

  2. I was kinda hoping they would push low dmg, high dpm guns on the e50 line. Reduce the damage for the e50m to 360 and buff the dpm and accuracy. I loved using those tiny, fast shooting barrels back in the day.

    1. E 50 and E 50M already have some of the most accurate guns in the whole game, buffing the accuracy even more would be overkill. Also, if they do such changes to the E 50M they should do the same to E 50 as well.

  3. Buffs on the E-50’s: make sense. Chinese buffs: not sure, that’s wait and see for me. Nerf of the Leo Prot: not happy about it, but you have to give it to them that it is very strong atm, so I guess they have a point. Also rather moderate nerf. Buff for the Obj, 140: Still makes no sense at all.

  4. Maybe one buff far far in the future my panther 88 will be competitive. sadly not today.

    The BIGGEST issues with all ze german meds is being poorly and conveniently overlooked by the devs, and that’s their PROFILE, side, rear front all over is TOO HUGE, for the maps where the devs control the placements of rock cover, broken walls to camp behind, hell russian and chinese tanks can even sit low in undulations in open fields in some cases, and protect their hulls, while having incredibly powerful turret armour that is domed, rather than flat surfaced (unlike E50 and E50M).

    Now I’m not saying re-write history and create fictional tanks…..BUT…..

    1. I don’t think the Panther 8.8 could ever be buffed enough to make me want to buy it again. It’s the only prem tank I’ve ever sold and that day made me very happy.

  5. well, the alpha buff on the 8,8 L/71 and L/100 is a nice step. but what both Panthers at tier 8 would need more dire: better gunhalndlich to reduce the necessatiy to expose yourself so long. and don’t even try to shoot without fully aimung in – the shots will go wildly at the aim circles edge for sure, good accuracy on paper or not.

    compared to Progetto, the Panther 8,8 looks still like a dinosaur!

  6. can fucking believe WG dirtbag !
    they can’t buff a German tank without a sneak nerf to the tank can they?
    E-50M now lost it’s side space armored/side skirt
    HEAT now can pen almost every shot compare to patch 1.10

    1. I hope that is a mistake; it would be supremely lame of WG if they pushed through this nerf on the sly.

  7. They nerf the pta and buff the 140 , They dont care how a tank is performing they just do whatever they want and make sure RU server has it op Russian tanks . They care nothing about tank or game balance.

    1. I can actually agree with the 140 Buff, as it is completely obsolete. The STB can do everything better and tanks like the CS 63 have taken the whole rush gameplay from the Obj. 140.
      And I don’t think I need to mention the 907..
      Leo PTA is very very good atm, so the nerf is understandable as well.

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