Italian Heavy Tanks to Come Out Late 2020. Statistics and Pictures.

Note: this article is made by a TAP reader. If you guys like it, he will become an author!

The Armored Patrol spotted some new tanks coming out and you hear it here first. These are the fabled Italian Heavy Tanks, and yes, they do come with an autoreloader. But this autoreloader is different, it is a better one. When you interrupt shell reloading you get a lesser penalty and you still don’t have to wait for the full time. If you fire when there are two seconds before the next shell, you will have to wait less than half of the full time.

The branch starts at the P.43 bis, you will have to earn between 50 and 60 thousand experience to progress on to the next tank. The P.43 bis also has some nice firepower, so you might want to hold on to it if you like the clan wars. The first tank is an Italian heavy tank without any quirks called the Carro d’assalto P.88. It is a fast cruiser style heavy tank that is like a chonky P.43 but faster. I think this one is a ramming tank. It has the choice of two guns. The first one is the Cannone Da 88/47 with an unimpressive 164mm of armor penetration, and mediocre 7.5 second reload. The second one, the Cannone Da 90/62 has the same damage despite the larger caliber, but it has a substantially better 202mm of armor penetration. The second gun has an 8.7 second reload, but it’s worth the 1.2 seconds with the extra pen especially if you don’t want to throw away credits. Both of these do 240 damage average.

Carro d’assalto P.88

From here the rest of the branch is just autoreloading heavies. The first of that is the Progetto CC55 mod. 54, which will be kind of like a Pershing. It has the 105mm Cannone Da 105/71 with 360 average damage and 220 armor penetration. The charging speed is 16 seconds on the first shell, 13 seconds on the middle shell, and 11 seconds on the last one. The Cannone Da 90/62 will carry over from the P.88 most likely.

Progetto CC55 mod. 54

At tier IX the branch starts to act like their Swedish cousin, the Emil, and Kranvagn. The Progetto C50 is a fast heavy tank with good frontal armor and -9 degrees of gun depression, but this might be changed to -10 degrees before release. It’s a chonky tank with bad side and rear armor. It uses the 120mm Cannone Da 120/62 which has 400 average damage and 268 armor penetration, but the penetration is probably going to get buffed before release. The recharge times are 17, 15, and 13 seconds respectively. This tank will most likely to inherit the Cannone Da 105/71 from its predecessor.

Progetto C50

The top of the branch is the Rinoceronte, or Rhino. It wields the 127mm OTO Melara Gun with 490 average damage and 268mm of armor penetration. The recharging speed is 17, 15, and 13 respectively. This is another fast tank with a low silhouette, but don’t rely on the hull armor. The footprint is very big, so artillery will not have too much trouble aiming at you.


Wargaming is also going to add a premium tank, but you will probably only be able to get this out of Christmas foo-*chough-lootboxes at first. This is the tier VIII Progetto C45 mod. 71. It’s a Progetto-Defender-Bourrasque and it’s resistant to HEAT rounds because of the spaced armor. You can already find this on the website because they are a bunch of legends over there. The Progetto C45 has a recharging time of 14.38, 12.46, and 10.55 seconds respectively. It uses the Cannone Da 105/55, which is just a Cannone Da 105/71 with slightly less armor penetration and shell velocity. It has -10 degrees of gun depression, and nearly 13 power to weight. This vehicle is currently overpowered and will probably get nerfed before release. You can find more information about the Progetto C45 mod. 71 here.

Progetto C45 mod. 71

Armor Model

Minimal DPM Maximal DPM Burst Potential
Progetto CC55 mod. 54 1,350 1,963.62 1,080
Progetto C45 mod. 71 1,502.9 2,048.07 1,080
P.44 Pantera 1,364.93 1,877.43 720
Progetto M35 mod. 46 1,391.31 2,087 720
IS-3A 1,328.04 1,991.49 1,170
Progetto C50 1,411.76 1,846.15 1,200
Prototipo Standard B 1,502.09 2,047.39 1,080
Rinoceronte 1,729.41 2,261.54 1,470
Progetto M40 mod. 65 1,408.08 2,252.35 1,440*

*Note that all the other bursts are three shells, this one is four it might take longer.

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  1. The author could do with leaving his opinion and what he thinks out of the article. Just give us the stats and less blah blah blah.

    1. On the contrary – I don’t need an author to copy-paste a table. A reasonable amount of context / opinion is appreciated!

      1. I like his sappy attitude towards some of the things there. Makes it funny and more identifiable

  2. ”’268 armor penetration, but the penetration is probably going to get buffed before release.”’ Either the person who typed this up is stupid or made a mistake. 268mm pen on a t9 heavy tank is more than any other t9 heavy why would it get buffed.

    1. Yeah, the person that wrote this article was either drunk or has no clue about wot lol…

    1. They very clearly stated that it will start at the P43 bis. Plus, given that there’s 4 tech tree tanks, it would be a bit weird for it to start at tier 7.

    2. The first new heavy tank is tier seven, coming from the bis. Sorry if there is any confusion about that

  3. It should become author because it is well documented and it shows he put a lot of work into this article.
    The theme of the article though it’s not my favourite because I hate everything WG adds to the game nowadays because they do this all for the money, not for us players and the historical matter is out for so many years now. I really don’t need this new heavy line for the italians or any other nation except USA, Rusha and Germany. THE REST OF NATIONS TANKS IS JUST NOT NEEDED. They should release WoT 2.0 in wich to be all this shit nations tanks from WWII up until now and leave us with WoT 1.0 with only Germany, USA and Rusha tonks. 🙂 ….. OR NOT?!

    1. You are partially right. WG adds way too many fictional tanks even when they have historical candidates as well (for example, they could have easily used the OF-40, or OTO Centauro instead of the Progetto 65, or the ERC rather than the fictional EBR 105)…
      And to surprise you, there are plenty of fictional vehicles and paper projects in the american, russian, or german trees as well…
      And other nations can be put in the game until they doesnt fill them up with totally wargaming made-up dreamtanks. There is a good sample, around a month ago there was a writing on a hungarian tech tree, and the guy even made a table marking every unhistorical tank in the game, just scroll back. Even tho i’m romanian, that proposal was fascinating dude..
      Im a relatively old player (since 2014) so I know what are you talking about, but that will not be awesome to remove all the nations, they should just replace the invented tanks.

  4. Technically he is already an author if he wrote it. That is sort of the definition?!

  5. I like the writing style. Gives a little more soul to the article than copy-pasting info from the portal or a video (though those are good too. Having both raw info and first impression articles would be nice).

  6. «Carro d’assalto P.88. It is a fast cruiser style heavy tank that is like a chonky P.43 but faster»
    whn I saw the video my first impression was
    «that is a Sahariano/P.43Bis hybrid»
    and it really does look like one, particularly the position of the return rollers between the roadwheels

    1. Because it is the Sahariano, weegee just modified it on their own to get something in tier 7.
      I don’t like it either, as well as the other heavies, why do they keep introducing fake tanks? Is it that hard to find something historical? This year it was the second completely hoax branch after the Polish mediums, what’s up whit the research group? That’s just ludicrous…

      1. “Fake tanks” is a small exaggeration. A lot of the tanks never left the drawing board irl, but they were still drawn in most cases. The tanks that Wargaming “invents” are stopgaps mostly. For example the Panzer III/IV never left the drawing board, but it makes sense on some level as a transition from a tier III Panzer III to a tier V Panzer IV, as German tanks in the tech tree love to ignore logical numerical progression.

  7. How much later than we already are is late 2020 according to those WG idiots?

    1. This is most likely to be released over the Christmas holidays. I might even expect festive atmosphere missions to feature Italian blueprint fragments and Italian crews, along with discounts for purchasing the new vehicles to be a mainstay feature over the holidays.

  8. I think that you will hear a lot of conflicting feedback on this individuals writing style and the way the information herein is presented. As a person who makes a living being a writer I hope to provide some insight as to what I believe should be examined in this article.

    The opening is both a quip and a declarative sentence, and declarative sentences must be a well known fact or justified later. This needless quip makes the reader instantly question whether or not we have actually discovered the information at The Armored Patrol first. For some this is probably true, but for many others it might not be. This is a problem because it makes the reader question the veracity of the author and therefore the information contained within. And since The Armored Patrol’s
    basis is giving as factual, informative information, when you make the reader cast doubts about the expectation of truth, there is a problem.

    Next the individual states that the P.43 Bis “also has some nice firepower, so you might want to hold on to it if you like the clan wars.” This sentence is grammatically incorrect, but there is a general consensus that the P.43 Bis is not a good pick for Tier 6 Strongholds. Moreover, in WoT Clan Wars occurs only at tier 10. Again, this misinformation makes a knowledgeable reader question this article. Author than states that they think that this is a ramming tank, why? No explanation is given. No explanation is also given as to why the author feels that the Carro d’assaulto P.88 is like a Pershing. Is it in terms of mobility, silhouette, firepower, gun depression? The author does make a reasonable inference that the Cannone DA 90/62 will carry over from the P.88 which is helpful and informative.

    Moving to the tier IX. Like has been said by others the author states that the 268 mm of armor penetration will probably get buffed before release. I am assuming that this statement is an error since 268 penetration is rather high at tier IX. Once again, I encourage the author to please support their statements. For reference the Emil II, the “cousin” of this tank has 252 mm of penetration on its standard rounds. The author also says recharge instead of reload, consistency is key when dispensing information. I would also liked to have seen some reasonable inference about this tank. Such as that the upper hull and turret are probably very thick, or that the armor above the tracks are similar to that of the is-3 and 277 and may absorb HEAT rounds.

    In regards to the tier 10 I like that the author states that the tank appears to have a big footprint, which may be a problem due to artillery. The statements regarding the tier 8 premium are of predominant interest. The author states that individuals will “probably only be able to get this out of Christmas foo-*chough-lootboxes at first.” This isn’t funny. Additionally, I had to think for a moment thinking of what the foo stood for, which distracted, and therefore detracted from, the article. I would have liked to have
    seen something about the 13 power to weight. Is this tank “chonky” and slow, or could its ground resistance values make this thing glide over terrain even with a rather low power to weight? One final thing, usually a heading is at the top not the bottom of the information you are looking at. Therefore, putting the name of the vehicle below the information about the vehicle is disconcerting.

    1. I appreciate that feedback. It took longer to read than the information took to understand. Firstly I want to address some grammatical errors. I am aware that I make grammatical errors, I ran each paragraph through a free online grammar checker, ignoring flagged words that were not spelled incorrectly. Secondly, I stated that I believe the P.88 could be a ramming tank under the impression that the context of it being a speedy heavy tank would assert itself here. The reason comparison is made to the Pershing is the video WoT posted compared the two, but did not offer context as to why, so my guess here is as accurate as any.

      Third, saying that 268mm of penetration might get buffed was not unintended. I am just bad at interpreting how the numbers translate into actual gameplay. I contemplated that the Maus, for example, has about 200mm of frontal armor in places, but simply overestimated the effect that the angle of the armor has on shell penetration. Fourth, foo- refers to “footlocker”. I was not attempting to use humor here, I was just pointing out my belief that these are lootboxes and Wargaming should call it what it is.

      Fifth, “chonky” is a term that typically refers to size. The P.88 looks like a P.43 but with an obvious size increase, therefore it is kind of like a “chonky” P.43. Lastly, I am of the belief that whether the caption goes above or below an image boils down to personal preference, but also that it is never ok to mix and match this. If an author puts the caption below the image the first time, they should do that every time, and visa versa. I deliberately wrote this with grammar as a mild priority, as it makes it easier for people to read even if it’s not technically correct. I try to avoid prioritizing grammar too much because I don’t want to give the impression of a “Holier than thou” point of view. Anyways, thank you for the feedback I am certainly going to take it into consideration. I may not agree with all of it but I think that 100% of it will be useful for me.

          1. My main point of pride is good grammar over competitors. Else I could just copypaste google translate and that’s it.

  9. This is just a written form of the WG video about the new tanks with added speculation that is not clearly distinguished like buffing the gun depression, or penetration suggesting that WG is officially thinking about these changes while only the author thinks so. Even the part about the premium tank is just the stats put into sentences without giving us an idea why those stats matter.

    1. I am confused why this is all the way at the bottom, it’s freaking gold! I loved that show so much!

  10. I liked the article except when the author wrote personal opionons into the article. You should try to write an analysis on things you think differently about. A journalist should always remain objective. Good luck.

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