Update 1.10.1: “Dobrynya Nikitich” 3D style for Object 705A – Extra Pictures

The style is treated as non-historical, valued at 5,000 gold.

Suitable for vehicles: Object 705A.


— I’ll tell you what happened, Nikita Romanovich. The day before yesterday, we had to camp out on the bank of the Smorodina, a river near our foothold. That area is a swamp, a marsh infested not only with cranberries but snakes as well. We had no choice though since we couldn’t move at night. Those creepy critters were so smart that they slithered into our tanks to get warm. In the morning, the entire company was combat ineffective. No one wanted to share their tank with snakes as those vipers were too dangerous to shut yourself inside with. One bite and that’s the end for you. Your son „volunteered to help. It took him several hours to get them all out. It looked like he was pulling a bunch of twisted wires and cables from the hatches. Knowing they were real snakes made me sweat. That’s why we called him „Snake Slayer”. We wanted to apply the same inscription to his tank, but he was too shy and refused. You raised your son to be so courageous and fearless, Nikita Romanovich. A true bogatyr! Let’s see how he proves himself in battle.

Source: wotclue