Update 1.10.1: Common Test 2 Patchnotes

Patchnotes CT 2

Main Changes

Changes to the Battle Communication System

  • Players in destroyed allied vehicles won’t be able to use in-battle communication for all types of battles, except for clan battles (Clan Wars, tournaments, Stronghold, etc.).
  • A special setting to disable markers on the map was added. When disabled, the markers for “attention to”, “going to”, “firing at” (SPGs), and “pre-battle markers” are not displayed. They are still displayed on the minimap and remain interactive.
  • The size of markers on the minimap was reduced.
  • The height of markers on the map was increased to make them more noticeable at long distances, behind buildings, and among vehicles.

Steel Hunter

For the Walküre and Varyag vehicles, the aiming time has been improved and the dispersion during movement and on hull and turret traverse has been decreased for all guns.
The DPM values for the guns of the Harbinger vehicle, which are selected at Tiers IV and VII, have been slightly increased.

Changes to Technical Characteristics


The Progetto C45 mod. 71 was added for testing by Supertest players.



  • Changed the penetration values of the 122 mm 371-122JTX gun from 175/250/61 to 190/250/61 mm
  • Decreased dispersion during movement of the T-34-2 suspension by 9%
  • Decreased dispersion during movement of the T-34-2 model 2 suspension by 10%
  • Decreased dispersion on hull traverse of the T-34-2 suspension by 9%
  • Decreased dispersion on hull traverse of the T-34-2 model 2 suspension by 10%

The Vertical Stabilizer and its analogs can now be mounted on the Crusader, Covenanter, and A-20.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed the issue of permanent waiting for the transition to Steel Hunter mode after changing a preset style.
  • Fixed the issue related to the lack of informing players about a newcomer’s status and about the availability of purchasing the Improved Pass or its Stages.
  • Fixed the issue when players without Tier VI–X vehicles who completed the Main Progression of Battle Pass were considered newcomers when completing Stages 1–10 of the Elite Progression.
  • Fixed the issue when the WAITING FOR SELECTING status in the Battle Pass progression window shifted to an earlier stage.
  • Fixed the issue when the transition to the purchase of the Improved Pass was available to newcomer-players.
  • Fixed the issue when two large bundles (instead of four bundles) were displayed in the reward windows at Stage 40 of Battle Pass.
  • Fixed the issue when some texts of rewards on the reward screen of Battle Pass were not displayed.
  • Fixed the issue when the Exterior screen did not open when going there from the Notification Center.
  • Fixed the issue of missing sound in the video when selecting a reward.
  • Fixed the issue when incorrect emblem icons were displayed on the reward screen for Stages 1–10 of Battle Pass.
  • Fixed the issue when the status of the WAITING FOR SELECTING button did not change after selecting an equipment item within Battle Pass.
  • Fixed the issue when the intro video of Battle Pass Season 3 was not displayed to some players.
  • Fixed some technical issues.

Source: EU Portal

11 thoughts on “Update 1.10.1: Common Test 2 Patchnotes

  1. For a lot of people shutting up dead “teammates” is a bigger achievement.

    1. Well for a lot of people they’re too stupid/lazy to use the blacklist, mute, disable chat features to shut up dead teammates or toxic players.

    2. I see this as a big loss. I’ve had so many situations where a dead player would give useful, sometimes gamechanging information to the remaining player(s), most prominent enemy tank HP. And when you actually win in an underdog situation because you work together with your dead teammates just makes it that much sweeter. The ggs, gjs, well played, etc. in chat puts a smile on everyones face. So why on earth would this be forbidden now? It is just stupid, makes the game even more bland.

      I mean seriously, if there is a toxic player just mute him, it is that simple: One click on the icon next to their message. Takes a second. So why force this chatmute down everyones throat?

      And this one is to blame primarly on the community constantly whining for these sort of changes without realizing the full consequences. Never happy, always giving WG shit for everything and then ruining it for everyone.

      “To whom it may concern, f**k you!”

      1. How much further does this go?

        There are toxic players talking trash in chat who haven’t died yet so should we just disable chat entirely?
        I might feel offended by your nickname so can we please dissable nicknames in battle?

        At one point we might just be playing one of those fake multiplayer .io games and then everyone can have good games and feel good because all the enemies are disguised bots and everyone is happy, no?

    1. good call bro
      I was so caught on with the armor buff that i forgot them WG sneak nerf
      also Turret front slab got 250mm raw armor but side turret got no thickness at all!

      1. Well they buffed sides front from 80 to 150, but sides back are still 80mm.
        Lost of side spaced armor is sad, WG is more bottic than ever.

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