20 thoughts on “Halloween Event 2020 Sneak Peek

    1. Do you celebrate Halloween somewhere end of September?

      Btw. it is also not the Christmas event. True story.

  1. If this is true. I hope this wont just be a copy paste. Maybe The return of the Leviathan but harder. (not more dmg and more HP but more to do.

  2. That event sucked

    much rather they just do the event they did from 2018/2019 where you roamed around that grand battle map killing bots with a group of friends.

        1. Maybe you shouldn’t suck big shit and it will be more fun.

          You are a bot if you seriously prefer the completely lobotomized dark runners.

          1. I liked it too. To be honest I cannot remember the other one but that Dark Runner thing was fun so night, night Donnie

  3. the picture looks pre 1.0 so i have a feeling its just a copypaste picture from 2017, and then just called a leak

  4. Hopefully this leak is fake. It really looks pre-1.0 quality. Why release this event when you had that Silent Hill one completed and you just had to fix some bugs in it?

    1. Exactly what I´m thinking and last when you hurt the problems on the halloween event I hope you take some people on it as team to fix it for the upcoming 2020 halloween event…
      Its really sad if this leak is true !

  5. ok so the planned event from last year where it is?? its so disappointing you had one year longer to achieve this insane project you began with the producer of Silent Hill so I hope we see it some day!!! I hope from today people work on it for next year ! you promise things you can´t achieve ! you will lost much more player base with this action…recycling an old event wtf !! we are lucky that wte100 event exist for 2 weeks !!

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