9 thoughts on “Pz.Sfl. IC In-game Pictures (Unfinished Model)

      1. It’s called “Pz.Sfl. IC ” while the “I” is an 1 (one) so what do you think which speed it has

        1. Good job, someone clearly paid attention in class today to learn all about Roman numbers.
          And the “big C” is the one thing the tank and you have in common, I guess.

          Also, WG tends to make SPGs and TDs less mobile than tanks using the same hull, suspension and engine, so lets hope this one will keep its mobility.

  1. And it looks like they fricked up the model, the reason I say this is that it looks like they modeled it with a case mate. While the IRL prototype had a turret. Proof is the last three pictures, since they have the most obvious example of the gun it self and a mantle turned rather than a turret. I was looking forward to this tank too… 🙁

    1. Not saying that it won’t be an enjoyable vehicle, just I was looking forward to having a German tier IV turreted tank destroyer, rather than one with a case mate. And one that is at least more true to it’s historical counterpart too.

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