Last Waffenträger: Support Issues

The Last Waffenträger – Special Footlockers unavailable in Belgium

Due to legal restrictions, Special Footlockers boxes will not be available to purchase in Belgium.

You can verify your Place of Residence at the bottom of the Premium Shop, by clicking on “Europe (your language)”.


If your Place of Residence is not up-to-date*, FOLLOW THIS LINK to contact Player Support.

  • *Example: You created the account while in Belgium, but you currently live in Germany.

Mod Issues September 28

On September 28 at 13:00 (UTC) the game event “The Last Waffentrager” starts.
Unfortunately, mods installed from the morning of September 28 until the beginning of the event can cause problems with the game client and also game crashes.

To avoid these problems, we encourage you to update your mods or refrain from using them until new versions are available.

Reopening the boxes – non-reversible action

Due to the specifics of the reopening mechanic in the event, keep in mind that once the reopen action is performed, it can’t be rolled back.

Thank you for your patience understanding.

The Last Waffentrager – Replays and rule violation reports

In “The Last Waffentrager” game mode, replays are not active due to the technical reasons.

Should you need to report unsportsmanlike conduct, provide the recording of the battle, or screenshots showing the infraction clearly, including the post-battle screen with the nicknames.

Engine sounds issues

After today’s micropatch some may have noticed that the sounds of the engine are very quiet (or can’t be heard completely).

This is a known issue and the development team is working on the fix.

5 thoughts on “Last Waffenträger: Support Issues

  1. Engine sound issues? Pure electric vehicles ARE that quiet ;). All those blue sparks and the occasional exploding… it’ts like driving a tesla.

  2. Brilliant WG hack to get round Belgian law. ‘here’s a link to update your place of residence if eg you created the account in Belgium but now live in Germany’. Lol. Nothing dodgy there. No sirree.

  3. “replays are not active due to the technical reasons.

    Should you need to report unsportsmanlike conduct, provide the recording of the battle,”


    1. They have a way tougher anti-gambling policy (there are severaly antigambling-laws that were introduced between 1999 – 2011) in belgium, that requires companies to get a costly license.
      Those licenses are limitied so it is also difficult to acquire one ( I dont know if WG has one tbh, but i dont think so).
      Companies who violate those laws are fined heavily and then set onto a blacklist.
      This results in the websites / online games etc. of that company being complety banned in Belgium ( The law forces internet providers to block companies on that blacklist).
      I know there are ways to work around that, but many people will not bother to put time and effort into that.

      On the other hand its pretty scummy for a company to give its customers a “hint” to work around their respective countries law

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