Last Waffenträger: Collections

Here are the stickers, inscriptions, emblems and crew skins, which can be obtained in the upcoming event.

Each element from the Harriers and Engineers collections gives a +1 to the progress of the event. Each item from both collections is unique (so it does not require re-opening the lockers). Reaching certain milestones in the main progress system will give you prizes (including keys) and final winnings of 3,000 bonds.

Keys can be obtained for completing Harriers missions, special missions after the event starts, and from special kits available in the Premium Store. There will be no compensation for unused keys at the end of the event.


Phase shift
Ohm’s Law
Wire resistor
Exposed wire
Electric shock
Magnetic Field
Danger! 130 kV
Gaussian Law
Resistance is futile!
Harriers Brigade
Danger! Stay back!
Harnessed energy
Risk of electrocution
Birth of lightning
Current converter
Crew Skins
Viktor Safronov
– Chief Power engineer from Special Forces unit 1138, assigned by the command to “field trials” of equipment.
Oleg Gradovskiy
– A military interpreter and former commando whose intuition and acquired caution repeatedly helped the entire crew avoid problems during the operation.
Max von Krieger
– “Nature has given us electricity, but only I can recognize its infinite power, control it, and use it.
No one believed me, and there were those who laughed at me, but who’s laughing now, you Talent-Free skeptics?”
Christian Laudorf
 – A retired armoured ace and now a physics professor, invited from headquarters by his former comrades on the battlefield to join the Harriers Brigade.
Now the success of the whole operation rests on his shoulders and it is a fact that the command constantly reminds him of.
Ralph Saldern
— One of the best engineers in the Expeditionary Unit.
It can easily bring even the biggest scrap back into operation, but it is better to prevent crashes than to repair them.