Update 1.10.1: 3D Style “Blackbuck” for IS-2-II – More Pictures

The style is considered historical, valued at 2,500 gold.

Suitable for IS-2-II


— I really don’t see what you’re so proud of. The enemies probably couldn’t penetrate your tank, and yet you have the audacity to walk in here and claim you won the bet? That wasn’t the deal! My point is that we must be in the same situation—then we’ll be able to see who’s the best. I did all the work while you were standing there rooted to the spot back there at the crossroads of Pochtovaya and Zavodskaya. And it was my boys who knocked out two tank destroyers to the left of you. What about that? By the way, contact captain Chubov–looks like his guys forgot about their equipment. It’s been three days I’ve had to carry all this stuff that doesn’t even belong to me. And just to be clear: our bet for supremacy is far from being over, even if you think that you won!

Source: wotclue