Last Waffenträger: Special Lockers Price

Special lockers with one of the sixteen Tier VIII Premium vehicles listed below and in-game items will cost between 1-2 $ each (less than holiday boxes).




13 thoughts on “Last Waffenträger: Special Lockers Price

  1. cool. still not buying this crap. obvious cash grab. if the chance of rolling a premium tank is 5% and a 1/16 chance to get the t77 that is a 0.003125 or (1 in 320) ($320-$640) to get the t77. keep in mind these are not like Christmas boxes where you at least get the gold value back, you get 100 gold from the first opening but no gold from subsequent openings of the same box. rewards are pitifully small with the worst possible reward being a single (1!) demounting kit.

    If there were a mechanic where there was a 30% chance to get the t77 every time a premium tank was rolled, maybe i would reconsider, but WG have mad no clarifications.

  2. Cheaper than Christmas lootboxes but the content you get is garbage.

    Less gold unless you already own all the prems, less premium account, less credits, and we don’t know the drop rates of tier 8 tanks yet, but if all of them have an equal drop rate and this drop rate is low to begin with (say as rare as a tier 8 in Christmas lootboxes) then you won’t get much gold out of it, and the chance of getting the new premium is 1 out of 16 instead of the usual 1 out of 3 or 4 with added common lowtiers that drop a lot and fill your gold bank.

    It’s bad value. With Christmas lootboxes you were guaranteed at least the same amount of gold as you’d get by buying it directly, and most commonly you get twice the gold value plus some extras and if you’re lucky a tier 8 premium tank too. With this event unless you get a tier 8 premium very commonly then good luck breaking even…

    It’s not worth it. They’re just testing the waters to see
    – will they get away with selling lootboxes more often
    – will they get away with selling lootboxes with worse content but slightly cheaper

  3. I got a feeling they going to change the Christmas boxes to this style and that is why they putting them out now to test them . I hope not just a guess.

    1. i hope not. Christmas boxes are the only time I slurge on to fund WG’s servers. Provides me with a years worth of prem time and most of the time, enough gold to last me till next year. WOT christmas boxes are even better in bulk value than WoWs christmas boxes.

    2. I’m suspicious myself, and I hope that won’t be the case. Christmas boxes have been good value since their introduction, if they adopt the pure slot machine format of World of Warships that’s a good way for WG to shoot themselves in the feet.

  4. I bought a single Special Locker for $1 just to try the mechanic, and I can confirm that this is pure scam…
    100 gold + 1 demount kit, really ? The Chrismast box are way better…

  5. to those who bought them, are they worth at least the premium days? 10 euros = 30 premium days, can u get at least a fraction of that?

    1. no lol, best case you’d get 10 premium days and that’d be a shitty case because that means no other worthy reward like a tier 8 tank

      Wait for christmas

  6. You get 150k to 350k silver, 1 to 3 days prem, 1 to 5 demount kits, 1 to 3 xp boosters. From my own experience. Very much weighted towards the lower options there.

  7. Yeah, terrible value. I bought 5 separate boxes just to get extra keys for WTF event and got T77 from one reroll. Apparently the chance to get it is pretty damn high.

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