10 thoughts on “Update 1.10.1: Object 274a Changed Stats + In-Game Pictures

  1. OK, this is funny
    Colossally op British vehicle? NERF EVERYTHING
    Colossally op Russian vehicle? ah, negligible nerf on armour should to it comrads )))))

  2. It’s ugly as sin. Is this the Russki mag loader? I thought they would have it as a part of a line.

    1. The armor model and stats are up on tanks.gg. This thing doesn’t actually look that powerful. Like, maybe a bit better than the CS-52, and even that’s debatable

      1. Have no fear comrade, can buff russian god tank to prove superiority over all others after release.
        Unless its in the 10% of weak under powered russian tanks. Then we just take every ones money anyway.

  3. Serghei, the cunt:Bo$$$, how many bobjects we push into WoT?
    Kishly, the Envisioner, the One and Only who foresaw Covid:YES!

    Its just not funny this Object flood, someone should repair the shitpipe in minck.

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