Update 1.10.1: 🇬🇧 GSOR 1008 – Changed Stats + In-Game Pictures

Another tank was added to 1.10.1 update files. It appears that the characteristics of the British GSOR have changed slightly.

Accuracy at 100 m: 0,29   0,33
Aiming time: 2,25 s   2,21 s

8 thoughts on “Update 1.10.1: 🇬🇧 GSOR 1008 – Changed Stats + In-Game Pictures

      1. strongest??
        you forgot about 279e misery??

        i have no problems dealing with Chiefs…but A LOT against ruski junk

        1. Vasy Blag, you have no problem dealing with Chiefs?
          In what tank are you fighting them in?
          Another Chieftain?……
          Unless you can reliably hit the half pixel commanders cuppola on a moving Chief,which makes you a WoT master……

    1. You guys should have noticed there are many people against anything Russian/Communist and call them biased, regardless if they are actually biased. That’s so called “Western double standard”

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