Supertest: Japort Map Update

Source: EU Forums

We’re bringing you some updates on the Japort map that was already on the Supertest server before the 1.0 Update!

Since all resources at the time were put into the release of the reworked maps, this map was put on the back burner.

In the current iteration, the map was reassembled to fit modern technologies. Some gameplay changes were also made.

  1. A vast area for heavy tanks with a lot of cover from the enemy tank lines of fire and SPGs.

  2. The top of the hill for fast light and medium tanks. The underground part for heavily armored heavy tanks.

  3. The area for light tanks, scouting, and long-distance lines of fire.4. The high ground area for medium tanks and tank destroyers to control the map.

6 thoughts on “Supertest: Japort Map Update

  1. I think they released 215b along with this map back in the day.

    Would be nice if they buffed it.

      1. it does ressemble an old 1 with also a an industrial port with containers, but also railways, and a very different road bridge

  2. No description of size, but it sure looks awfully small. Looking at the video they put out which shows the cap positions it almost looks to be about the size of Mines. If that is the case I hope they don’t make this available to tiers 6+. WG needs to make maps at least 1k x 1k in size and should be the size of FL maps to be honest.

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