WT E100 Returns – More info

According to Russian sources, the German Waffenträger auf E 100 will return in a special game mode:

As predicted, Waffentrager will indeed return in a new game mode! Will be the main “boss” against 7 players. The event is scheduled to start on September 28. Additionally, in the mode you can get boxes with all kinds of cool and unique tanks. It is not known how the mechanics of these boxes work, but you can get, for example, the American T77 from them.

16 thoughts on “WT E100 Returns – More info

  1. Yay another timed year only event …… -_- just put this stupid thing back on the game it will suit fine with the rest of broken tiers 10 that rape low tiers but struggle against the balanced reward tanks.

  2. So to speak lootboxes. I can earn some in this special game mode, but when I’m not lucky enough I can also buy more to try my luck? 😀

  3. Ah so that’s why the T77 has such garbage stats. It’s a “free” premium tank that can be gotten through grinding.

    Please just give us decent tanks that can be bought with USD instead of this trash please.

  4. Sure. Bitch ass Belarus WG.

    We can’t use WT E100 even against bots… It is bots using it against us…

    How do you call this a return??? Enjoying getting fucked but can’t use it yourself??? Prefect example of Soviet definition of “fair and balance”.

    1. Just boycott the game that’s the best you can do.. Cancel culture it.. Watch it turn right around..

    1. considering the power creep over the years, WG will manage to make it a €50 tier VIII premium with only minimal tweaks.

      machoking from the WoT forum sent this link to an MMOWG.net article:

      unfortunately, it doesn’t give much more info other than an alleged 4k rubel price (should be around €45 plus €5 “WG-EU-“Bonustax”” if we get it like this, not counting the €50 bloatware directives we would probably also be getting)

  5. Hmmmmmm….. Homefront mode? That mode certainly would fit the basic concept of what is being described.

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