Steel Hunter Continues

Can you once again eliminate all your opponents and emerge victorious? Our exciting Battle Royale mode returns for its second stage!

Steel Hunter Stage 2

September 21, 2020 at 07:00 CEST through September 28, 2020 at 04:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Steel Hunter Guide

Stage 2 Rewards

Head to Dreamland or Arzagir 4.04 as Survivor, Hunter, or Scout in one of five event tanks and use special abilities to take out your enemies. In the end, only one tank commander or squad will be victorious!

Complete daily missions to earn Hunter points that unlock different reward levels with a unique 2D style, bonds, credits, and more.

Upon reaching Level 15, you will receive special rewards—the unique 2D style* “Sword of Ullr” and Expedition tokens. With each Stage, one additional 2D style (Shield of Ullr) will be available for purchase in-game.

Each Stage will feature a different set of 2D styles.

Updated Daily Missions

Steel Hunter was designed around new skills and learning how to survive in order to advance in the new game mode. Tying it into the Expedition alongside the Frontline mode meant adding Daily Missions that advanced your progress towards the Expedition rewards while keeping the spirit of competition in Steel Hunter alive. When designing the conditions for Daily Missions, we used data from the previous year’s event. Now, after Stage 1 is finished, we have better insights, and it is clear to us that you can complete an entire Stage just through a grind, rather than using your wits and outplaying your opponents.

We want this mode’s primary goal to stay the same, which is to be the best, using all your knowledge and skill to reign supreme. Therefore, we decided to adjust the conditions and rewards of the battle missions to reflect this philosophy.

You can see the comparison below.

Devastate Mission



Condition Cause 3,000 HP of damage over any number of battles. Cause 4,500 HP of damage over any number of battles.
Restriction 5 times per day 5 times per day
Reward 200 Hunter Points 100 Hunter Points

Destroy Mission



Condition Destroy 1 or more enemy vehicles over any number of battles. Destroy 2 or more enemy vehicles over any number of battles.
Restriction Once per day Once per day
Reward 100 Hunter Points 100 Hunter Points

Expedition Tokens and Reward Tanks

Up to three more Expedition tokens are up for grabs. They are used to claim one of three exclusive Tier IX reward tanks.

Head to the Steel Hunter Garage via the “Expedition” section in the drop-down menu to the right of the “Battle” button and:

  1. Click the “Battle” button to play solo
  2. Create a special 3-player Platoon for a battle

During Act V of the 10th Anniversary of World of Tanks, you can enter Steel Hunter by clicking on the 3D object in your Garage.

Steel Hunter Equipment in the Wargaming Store

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6 thoughts on “Steel Hunter Continues

  1. why cant they ever just leave a good thing alone . sigh was having fun in steel hunter for once . sigh.

  2. Typical WG, no idea why they changed it from the last iteration. The dumb fkrs aren’t even making any money from altering it. The only reason I can think of is stupidity.

  3. Not sure how anybody can find this mode a “hard grind”. Played a cpl matches at lunchtime, finished it last night and I’m by no means a unicum. It helps if you’ve played battle Royale type games before to understand when to attack and when to stay the hell away.

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