Update 🇺🇸 T42 – Changed Stats

Additionally, the price of the tank in gold was changed from 100 to 7000 and the “hidden” status was removed.

View range: 380 m   400 m
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,345   0,32

Aim spread:

after firing: 3,836   3;

7 thoughts on “Update 🇺🇸 T42 – Changed Stats

  1. Suddenly it has become the most accurate American medium tank, but still with potato shell speed so hardly a reliable sniper… unless you want to spam premium APCR of course.

  2. This make me think that my idea that the tier 8 should be M26/M46E1 with 2 turrets, stock the stock of M26 and full the full of the M46 that we have now
    no more M46 with 105mm on tier 9. That will come back with the spanish M47 with a 105mm
    In tier 9 instead a M48A1/M48A3 with good final turret but with a 90mm (buff the 90mm T54 to reach 280 or 300 damage, more DPM and penetration)
    Remove the T20 with 90mm and in that spot put the T23/T25 (same development tank).
    That will be more logical historical and with the game right now has more sense.
    Tier 7: 90mm
    Tier 8: 90mm better dpm and good turret (M46 Full turret)
    Tier 9: 90mm good dpm, and penetration, not so good alpha but a lot of DPM
    Tier 10: Nothing to change maybe a little buff.

    T20 should be on the Autoloader branch with his autoloader gun.

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