Wargaming UK Renamed to DPS Games

The Wargaming UK division was renamed DPS Games.

On September 3, the British division of Wargaming acquired a new face and name. Wargaming UK studio (Wargaming UK), located in Guildford, is now called DPS Games. This rebranding will help to better reflect the studio’s unique and independent direction of development and opens an exciting new chapter in Wargaming’s life.

This is the second change in its history: in 2018, Wargaming bought Edge Case Games, which became the basis of Wargaming UK.
With the studio’s notable expansion since the Edge Case Games acquisition in 2018, DPS Games is now home to over 94 team members and has doubled its office space over the past year. And that growth isn’t just limited to Guildford: the 70-person team has already started operations in Australia and they hope to expand their operations to other global gaming centers in the future.

DPS Games will continue to be part of Wargaming, although it will create new unique games that differ from what other divisions do. At the moment, the Guildford studio continues to work on a new project aimed at the next generation of F2P gamers.

So far, the developers have not announced anything specific, but judging by the trailer, something cosmic awaits us.

The studio set its main goal to change games forever, and promises to achieve this through the depth of the gameplay for shareware projects and long-term support and development of games.

Studio head Sean Decker, who spearheaded the rebranding and re-direction of the studio, says:

“DPS Games remains a proud member of the Wargaming family, inextricably linked through infrastructure, ecosystems, and community. At the same time, our games will be completely different, just like our players. We ran into many challenges along the way, but there was also a lot of fun. It was this journey of hobbies and games that led to the creation of DPS Games, and for us, gaming is life.“

DPS Games has also already joined several industry partners and charities that embody the spirit of diversity and inclusion, spreading the idea that games should be for everyone. The team will be delighted to announce their partnerships and follow-up campaigns in the near future.

“With the incredible growth of the studio in Guildford over the past two years, we at Wargaming are excited to see DPS Games take shape and expand Wargaming’s influence in new parts of the world. This is an experienced team of industry veterans and rising stars who are growing every day, and we look forward to seeing them introduce something new and unique games to the Free-to-play games market ”, said Victor Kislyi, General Manager director of Wargaming.

DPS Games is still recruiting, with 22 vacancies currently open.

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  3. “we look forward to seeing them introduce something new and unique games to the Free-to-play games market”

    I smell a hybrid wars 2 coming up XD
    dps is just a way to account future failures to a different company name. lets just hope they put peedoboo on that newly baptised sinking ship and let him go to down with it. everybody wins.

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  4. This is just another nail in the coffin for wot. Wargaming has milked its wot players so much they can no longer save the game . Bc there greed and refusal to fix the game rng mm arty and wheelies to name a few things the player base at least on NA is slowly going declining . Really sad its a great game but wargaming choose greed and refusal to change things like the super test is and will kill the game.

  5. Tbh I think Wargaming is done and you can’t save the sinking ship…I predict NA server closing in 2021…

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  10. I think it’s unfortunate that there’s almost no regard for the road “leading up to” DPS Games. The UK branch got a large infusion thanks to Wargaming’s acquisition of Edge Case Games. ECG made a name for itself by releasing a moba-like space game called Fractured Space. Over time the game filled an interesting niche for fans of space combat games, but ultimately failed to earn the necessary income to keep development going. Eventually the game was sunset, which I blogged about recently.

    It’s a classic situation where a developer cannot continue financially on their own, gets another chance at staying in the industry, but has to sacrifice their autonomy in the process. I’m not suggesting they can’t still do some good in game development; for all we know their new game will be quite good. However, it’s just not likely. Considering the complete radio silence since WG acquired them, it is my suspicion that unless all the stars align just right ECG’s best work is behind them.

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