17 thoughts on “Next Bond Shop Update ETA

    1. Tier VIII Chieftain/T95 is a bad tank, not worth it. Unless you are collecting all the tanks in the game.

      1. I already have too many premiums, the Chieftain I want for its looks, and because I tried and failed to get ot in that CW campaign.
        Don’t care much for tier 10s or the ruski crap spam.

        1. yea i also want it for my collection. but im hoping for a tier ten like the t22 or one of older clan wars tanks or something new would be cool. but still pissed they lied and said it would come first of dec this year now its next year already. watch them move it again as they always do like they doing with twitch drops.

    2. They sold kv4 kresl and is5 too so why not ? But just dont waste ur bonds for those and get a decent prem tank before if you dont have one. For example even if they give jag tig 88 for bonds thats a better choice to grind money than t8 chief.

    3. @Sturmi0545 LETS GOOOO! Me too man! I have 30,000 Bonds saved up just waiting for the Chieftain. At tier 8, I CAN’T WAIT

        1. with ~480 tanks in my garage, I’d say it would stay forever. If the 59-Patton and T95E2 are staying, why should the Chieftain go? 😀
          I have my Type 59 and Mutant, so what else is there to desire?

    1. You mean a problem of a solution that is a solution by it being sold to you? World of rip offs

    2. @0gungrave0 lol when you have to buy skips because you’re so bad at the game you can’t complete MT15

  1. Dude so sick of there lies . They said the start of dec THIS year not next year. Do they ever stick to what they say EVER.

  2. Must be a new player….most of us worked out a long time ago that you can’t trust what WG say, and we just deal with it.
    You’re wasting your time asking Wargaming to be open and honest about anything.

  3. 279e orders to be sold 😀

    Stop dreaming, WoT is not a place for dreams. NO T22 (‘big head’ said it definitely wont be in the shop…and looked like anyone who thinks it is fukin nuts), NO Chieftain, BIG FAT NO to any desirable tank.

    Bond shop update will be a big big disappointment ONLY.

    Just saying 🙂

    1. can you please tell me who you mean by big head and when they said no t22, if they did they doing just bc its the tank i asked for and they hate me. but again who said this and when and where ??

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