Battle Pass 3: Unique Commanders Info + RU Video Trailer

Боевой пропуск WOT: 3 сезон (ИС-4/T110E5). Заставки для БП (мультик) | RU/EUБоевой пропуск WOT: 3 сезон (ИС-4/T110E5). Заставки для БП (мультик) | RU/EU

In the Battle Pass 3, you will be able to get one of two unique Commanders (for IS-4/T110E5 respectively)

Progressing through standard progress will give you the chance to get your hands on any style or commander. Anyone with the Improved Pass will also be able to get the second style. If you purchased the Improved Pass, simply select the tank that you like the commander of most. The style of the second tank will be credited to your account later, without a commander.

Nikolay Samokhin (only for USSR)

– Experienced combat officer, sensible, always giving the advantage of a rational approach. He easily adapts to any conditions, wherever orders take him – be it a garrison in the Arctic Circle or a military base in the sands of North Africa. He loves hockey and spearfishing, although finding time for it becomes more and more difficult.

Jack Reed (US only)

– If you ask his commander for a report on Reed, he will most likely roll his eyes and sigh heavily. Reed – A born rebel who somehow still obeys military discipline and regulations. He would now have a motorcycle and a Route 66 under his wheels – but no, he has to fry in the tank and follow orders.

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  1. Why again RU-sh1t commander?!?
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  2. History and skins, everything ok, please make an effort. But why again the USA and Russia? This is boring.

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