Battle Pass Season 3 – More Info

Each season of the Battle Pass, there will be several tanks with the status of basic vehicles. They have requirements for earning development points, as well as higher limits. In the second season, the main vehicles were the American M48A5 Patton and the Czechoslovak TVP T 50/51, while in the third season they will be the Soviet IS-4 and the American T110E5.

During Season 3, there will be a new mechanism for receiving Equipment from rewards, and a new way rewards are displayed on the congratulatory screens.

18 thoughts on “Battle Pass Season 3 – More Info

      1. Its actually quite feasible to reach the higher levels if you have plenty of tier 10s due to the bonuses for finishing all 700 points on one.

        Also rememmber that for skilled players its very easy to get points and this game also has a fair amount of people who have retired and thus have plenty of time to play.

    1. My guess:

      Get more data on the newly buffed T110E5 and IS-4 by baiting people to play them more with fancy skins
      The E-100 already has a fancy 3D skin. So does the JP E-100 and the E-50M.
      The only German tanks that don’t have fancy 3D skins are the Leo, but WG probably wants to avoid following up last season with another medium, The PzWagen which is just LOL, the arty which WG will probably never do a season pass for, and then the Maus and PzVII.

      I’d actually put pretty decent odds that Season 4 will be the Leo or the Maus.

        1. They did one of those Silent Hill skins for the Panther 2, E50 and E50m last year or year before.

  1. I just reached level 20. So I guess I won’t finish the current Battle Pass…
    It would be nice to let people choose if they want to continue their last Battle Pass or start the new one. Otherwise I will never have the chance to finish one :/

  2. Hopefully the 4th season after this upcoming one will be for the Italians so we can stock up on fragments before we get the heavy line.

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