15 thoughts on “Carro da Combattimento 45t In-Game Pictures (Unfinished Model)

  1. Imagine being in a 1940’s Tiger and having to go up against what is essentially an M1 Abrams lol

  2. Is this the direct predecessor to the Ariete MBT?
    Really makes me wish WG would extend the TTs by ten more tiers. But since they ar thinning out server population hard with their incompetence, they’ll rather reduce everything to 3 tiers (VIII-X) instead of extending it to 20.

    1. They should add tier 11 and 12
      For abrams and future tanks with active armour
      But only tier 11 and 12 battle not 10 vs 11 and 12
      11 lvl to actualy pass to 12
      All GM at tier 12
      I think this would be perfect a great ideea
      This is what WG needs to become popular again

  3. looks too modern for world of tanks. they should not add that tank to the game.

  4. Are they all arrested in Minsk and some kido is doin their stuff there? This design and concept should be on tier 11… really… this is goin absurd…

  5. So this is the shit they are doing instead of fixing:
    – up to 3 arties per game
    – wheeled vehicles bouncing even 183mm shells
    – premium ammo spamming

  6. Let’s give it depleted uranium armor, gun-launched missile and smoke grenades, tungsten APCR shells, counter missile defense…

  7. Here we go again!

    then in Q3 of 2022 Wargame will NERF the fuck out of it same as the Progetto 65/ Standard B
    with the frankly predictable and we-can-see-it-coming- ITS TO POWERFULL the Gun needs another 2 seconds onto reload its TOO ACCURATE it needs a big NERF to 0.39 or whatever

    and etc etc ….

    You guys cannot you see?
    that Wargame just fucks around with New Tech Trees – there Great when first announced then 18 months later (unless there Soviet Objects/ bobjects) they get the Nerf Hammer badly

    All for Balance .. really?

    translated … after YOU GUYS spend a shit load of real YOUR money grinding them to Tier 10 with Free XP Gold (thats cash money – then NERF time suprise!

    then you all will say ohhh why WG?
    like duh
    seriously WG have you right where they want you ~ by the Wallet/ Credit Card €€ ££ $$

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