September Specials and Events (EU)

September Tank Rewards

September 4 through September 28: Collect Tank Reward tokens to unlock different reward tiers and choose from three Premium vehicles. The Tank Rewards for this month will be a choice between the V T14 , VI Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2 and the V Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai.

Top of the Tree

September 5 through October 5: September’s Top of the Tree begins with the X Pz.Kpfw. VII , a line of tanks all about heavy German steel. All rear-mounted turrets at the higher tiers have hard-to-crack frontal armor and decent guns that can really have an impact on the battlefield. Just make sure you don’t get flanked—your side armor isn’t that great.

September 20 through October 20:

Then from the 20th, we’ll have the X T110E4 . This line of turreted tank destroyers has some big-gunned, hard-hitting tanks at higher tiers. This line features the famous VI M18 Hellcat and IX T30 along the way—amazing tanks which are extremely fun to play once they are fully upgraded.

Steel Hunter Returns

September 21 through September 28: The Steel Hunter game mode returns to World of Tanks! Once again, you will have the chance to demonstrate that you are truly among the best of the best!

The fight won’t be an easy one. You will have to face new vehicles, fend off new heroes, and explore a new map! Do you have what it takes? Are you hard as nails? Will you be the last one standing? Because in the end, there can only be one ‘Steel Hunter’!

Play Your Class Right

September 5 through September 8: Complete class-specific missions that reward Premium consumables, Personal Reserves and emblems.
Plenty of consumables

September Workout

September 12 through September 15: During Tanker Day, you’ll get in-game Crew XP missions and discounts, as well as missions for consumables and Personal Reserves.

Personal Reserves

Team Effort

September 19 through September 22: Create a Platoon with your friends, or join our Discord to find a Platoon, and earn rewards such as Premium consumables, Personal Reserves and Garage slots.

Plenty of consumables

XP Fever

September 26 through September 29: Everyone’s favorite special for earning XP on Premium tanks to then convert to Free XP. Alternatively, check the Accelerate Crew Training box and get yourself that third perk!

An extra pile of XP

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