Supertest: Object 274a, GSOR 1008, Carro da Combattimento 45t Initial Stats

Three new vehicles will soon head to the Supertest!

A Soviet Tier VIII medium tank, the Object 274a, the British Tier VIII tank destroyer, GSOR 1008 and finally the Italian Tier X medium tank, Carro da Combattimento 45t.

Today, we’ll briefly talk about each of these new vehicles.

Object 274a

The key features of this tank are its good protection and powerful gun. The front turret armor reaches 230 mm. Regarding the hull, its armor plates are sloped at rational angles, and the effective armor thickness for the upper glacis is about 258 mm. Total HP: 1,200

The 107-mm gun uses a standard AP shell with armor penetration of 227 mm. Its special APCR shell has the average armor penetration of 289 mm. The combination of damage per shot of 320 and reload time of 9 seconds gives this tank one of the best damage per shot values among other Tier VIII medium tanks. However, you need to get close to the enemy to realize this potential because the accuracy of 0.38 and aiming time of 2.7 seconds won’t let you deliver sniper fire.

The Object 274a performs best in close-to-mid range combat. Its dynamics characteristics (maximum speed of 58 km/h and power-to-weight ration of 17.2 h.p/ton) allows for closing in on the enemy to realize high damage per minute. At the same time, decent frontal armor will help you survive while doing so.

GSOR 1008

This tank destroyer combines the advantages of both classic anti-tank guns and mobile medium tanks. The effective front armor thickness in certain areas reaches 200 mm, and the vehicle’s durability is 1,400 HP. At the same time, it has high maximum speed of 60 km/h with the power-to-weight ration of 14.7 h.p./ton.

The main feature of the GSOR 1008 is its autoloading gun with a 4-shell magazine and damage per shot of 320. It takes 32 seconds to reload the magazine, while autoloading one shell takes 1.5 seconds. Combined with excellent gun stabilization when not moving, accuracy of 0.3, and aiming time of 1.8 seconds, this gun allows for knocking down the opponents quickly and effectively. Its standard AP shell penetrates 226 on average, while the average penetration of its special APCR shell is 321 mm.

Depending on the situation, this vehicle can act together with heavy and medium tanks. The GSOR 1008 can snipe from the distance or help in close combat due to quick autoreloader and good gun depression angles, reaching -12 degrees.

Carro da Combattimento 45t 

Like other top-tier Italian vehicles, the Carro da Combattimento 45t is equipped with an autoreloading mechanism. Its 120-mm gun has a 4-shell magazine with the damage per shot of 400 for each shell. The first shell reloads for 16 seconds, while the last one reloads 10 seconds. The autoreloading time of one shell is 4 seconds. The armor penetration with a standard AP shell is 248 mm, while a special APCR shell penetrates 320 mm of armor. The accuracy is 0.38, with aiming time of 3 seconds. Gun depression angle is -9 degrees.

The effective armor thickness of the turret front and upper glacis is roughly the same and reaches about 300 mm. Total HP is 1,900. Maximum speed is 55 km/h with power-to-weight ration of 16 h.p/ton.

Carro da Combattimento 45t requires restrain and composure. High damage of the autoreloading mechanism is compensated for with not the most enjoyable gun shooting parameters. However, excellent gun depression and decent protection will give enough time to pick a target. The vehicle’s dynamics will allow for taking advantegous positions at the start of battle and timely react to the changes in the combat situation. Overall, it particularly depends on players whether they can unlock the full potential of this top tier Italian or not.

These vehicles will be tested then introduced in the game when the time is right. Stats are not final.

Source: WoT forums

13 thoughts on “Supertest: Object 274a, GSOR 1008, Carro da Combattimento 45t Initial Stats

  1. With frontal armor like that they might as well redesignate the object and the 45t as heavy tanks

  2. The GSOR 1008 is something beyond broken can describe. With a gun that has better characteristics than TVP 50/51, armor enough to shield HE and bounce AP, far more than enough mobility, It is something overpowered like the first version of WTE100 in tier 8, but with much better mobility, much better turret armor, and most likely much better concealment.

  3. Really love the non-ruski newcomers.
    They won’t stop the game quality’s free fall, unfortunately.

    1. I love the complete absurdity of them, tier 8 with a 4 shot 120 sounds amazing and disgustingly broken at the same time, I honestly cant wait for them to be put into the game they’re gonna spice up tier 8 a bunch

  4. Obj. 274a is beyond broken, to the point of it having better armor than most heavies and better mobility, pen and damage than most mediums… Oh and also at 2133 base DPM it’s one of the best at that too. Overall it would still be a good tier 9 tank…
    Best way I would fix this is actually upping it in tier, cause balancing a fast tank with really good armor, the gun has to be shit, which they want to emphasize it not being too.

    GSOR doesn’t need armor, come on WG, just make it like a British Skorpion, but with a autoloader, no need to make tanks broken op if they are unique, and a quick unloading accurate Autoloader is unique enough at tier 8.

    Combattimento I really like in concept, but with those stats it’ll be op, reduce speed to like 45kmh, to make it more like the “Heavium”/MBT it wants to be.

  5. These things are insane, was Murazor under the influence when he came up with the stats?

    Object 274A’s only true weakpoint is the low healthpool, the UK thing is yet more autoloader cancer and lol at 321 gold pen in Tier 8, and the ITA 45t is just absurd and no way it should be a medium tank, even for a heavy it’s overtuned.

  6. I’ll be extremely honest and say the Italian looks amazing, I don’t know who from WG made it up (if it was real it would have been added before) but he made a brilliant job
    as far as I can remember this does not look like any of the basic concepts Italian companies presented as part of the FINABEL project for a european MBT (I believe it preceeded the Europanzer project)

  7. I’m so glad its not russian or british, but please keep that thing away from the like server. screw reward tanks

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