11 thoughts on “„Fox Fur” Style for CS-52 Pictures

  1. Unless that tank gets the gas turbine engine its just not worth buying. Ive got the tier 10 and even with that its not that special really.

    1. The line was overnerfed from the supertest to the Test, its not about the gas engine is about the rest, they destroyed their armour.
      FailGaming thinking of balance is broken.

      1. New line comes into the game -> is it good?
        if yes -> Powercreep gg WGEE
        if no -> Failgaiming I do not want to play it

        the pl meds are just fine so far.

        1. I like the polish meds so far, I’m on the tier 7 and it’s one of those tier 7 tanks that isnt shit and is actually fun to play, thou I do wish the turbine feature was on the tier 9 and 8 just so players can get used to it and experiment with the best ways to use it earlier on rather than waiting the entire tech tree grind before getting a cool but niche mechanic

  2. LOL you guys know this is for a Marathon on August 27th for CS-52 with this as the unique skin, should be nice!

    1. wonder if the marathon rumor is true. sounds legit, but we will have to wait for WG’s official announcement, which will be no earlier than Aug 28th…

  3. I would be disappointed if this is a marathon, CS-52 is balance incarnate compared to POS like Progetto 46 and Bourrasque.

    Also, remember the Lansen C and the 50TP proto were bot sold with their own unique style (Vikind and Winged Hussar respectively), as well as the KnJPz 105, I assume this will be the case for the CS-52 too.

  4. I think the last few premiums were part of a marathon. I didn’t get any of them for free, but paying something less than 20e is ok for me.
    I believe this will be the case with the CS-52. I am sure WG is making more money that way, selling premium with a “discount”. Sure, some will get it for free, but the majority will be willing pay something.

    1. ofc they make more money that way…just think about it:if you do 7/10 of marathon you will get 70% discount….but if you measure the progress/actual work you did its only 50% of it…..so you would need to do the other 50% grind to get the other 30% discount and the tank for “free”,,,, and that is the point where most of those that started the marathon in the first place say “FCK IT” 70% off is a bargain I’ll pay for the rest

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