12 thoughts on “Cromwell B Available on EU

  1. This would actually be a very good tank if it wasn’t for the abysmal shell velocity and gun handling (same for the standard Cromwell).

    1. Yes, because getting a fairly thin tank with god-tier mobility and dpm to also not have to aim while on the move is such a good idea

  2. I bought this tank for money and it now sits in my banned garage. Why? WG promise amnesty but nothing happens why? Should I bring lawyer floe get refund of over 1000 euro spent on this and other tank?

    1. If you got your ass banned joke’s on you man, perhaps running Warpack or share account or whatever was not the wisest idea.

      And WG should not refund you a cent, why would they? When you made your account you agreed to follow certain rules, you broke that agreement, and now you’re sanctioned for it.

    2. you didnt get banned out of a blue sky……you were warned before…than you got 7 day ban……and only than you got permanent ban ……… you have noone to blame but yourself!!!!!

    3. Spend a grand on a game and then get banned for cheating?

      You sound like a bit of a tool. No sympathy from me, I’m afraid. Here’s hoping the amnesty doesn’t happen!

    4. Amnesty was available for players who committed lesser offences (Chat bans, which later escalated, selling accounts and so on).

      Players removed for cheating (warpack, tundra, aimbots or inexcusable behaviour) are not covered for the amnesty.

      If you wish to recover invested funds which were invested in an account you no longer have access to and you have used PayPal for your payments you can always open a dispute with them.
      TAP has an article for that somewhere.

      However, know this will permanently block the account and whatever little hope you have to recover, if any, will be lost. I suspect that won’t matter since the account is banned.

      Should you choose to proceed to this route I would recommend investing your money on something else. Finally, note that I am, in no way, telling you what you should or should not do with your own money as that decision is yours alone to take.

    5. You were banned for “CHEATING TWICE” and you deserved it , Even eekaboo said and replied to 1 of your whines . Cheaters were not granted Amnesty

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