Supertest: Leopard Prototyp A Changes

  • Leopard Prototyp A
Along with adjusting the characteristics of a number of medium tanks, we’re going to slightly correct the battle parameters of another popular German vehicle, the Leopard Prototyp A. First, it will head for Supertest where we can check its adjusted performance. Here’s a list of changes this vehicle will undergo:
• Aiming time: from 1.9 to 2 s
• Dispersion during hull traverse: from 0.16 to 0.2
• Dispersion during turret traverse: from 0.1 to 0.12
Please keep in mind that all these changes are not final!

26 thoughts on “Supertest: Leopard Prototyp A Changes

  1. Fuck u WG cancers.

    This thing is not on USSR passport no wonder its a nerf….

  2. Well, that’s sad, but not to worry – Wargaming will buff a Russian tank to make up for it. Or how about another buff for the Progetto 46, because why the fuck not?

    Honestly, where is this shit coming from? I just checked the server stats on wot-life, and the PTA has actually the lowest (?!) Win8 and win rate of all Tier IX meds … that is actually surprising because I would not say for a moment that it is underpowered; it’s probably because it is not easy to play, but … nerf it? I mean: really?

    Honestly, this company is pissing me off so hard … I am just sick of their bullshit.

    1. Well most who play it don’t know how to play it properly since its the least forgiving tank if you make a mistake. Having played all tier 9 tanks and finishing the LeoPTA with roughly a 59% winrate that is my two cents.

      1. Totally agree, People are bad with:
        -Low DPM tanks (that has not great alpha either)
        -Low penetration tanks
        -Sniper mediums (they are too botic for their own good, and think ooo i am a medium i should go to spot or flank)

    1. -430 and 430U are germans too?
      -Maus, E100, and E50M arent germans???
      Try harder… WG just nerf and buff in idiotic way, still not buffing the Pz3K thats an underperforming tank.

      Still not putting the m26/m46E1 as the same tank on tier 8 (lost the 105 fake gun) and leave the tier 9 place for M48A1-M48A3 (Elite turret as tier 10 but with great 90dpm APCR/HEAT no 105)

      WG is bottic but comunnity is also more bottic sometimes

  3. I just fucking switched all my bond equipments to this from Standard B they destroyed. Fuck you utter assholes!

  4. If it was Russian we would get a built-in rammer and a extra/free equipment slot, as a nerf..
    Leave it alone, you bastards, and nerf the reward tanks instead.

    1. Except that “nerf” was applied to an italian tank , never to a russian one.
      You people are the reason wg doesnt listen or care about what the community says

      1. wait for it ! ruski MISERY in form of IS3A will get this soon .)
        just….wait for it…

        such a misery in this game…day after day…im glad that i left

      2. I was looking for the word premium, but somehow Russian came in it’s place. I guess there might be a reason for that..

        We are the reason WG don’t listen, what the fuck? Are you on drugs or normally just puke out stuff like that?
        You are the reason you are an asshole.

  5. This nerf actually makes sense, Leo PT A is insanely strong right now. It can even brawl with heavy tanks.

  6. Look how they massacred my boy 🙁

    Glad I moved on to the tenner, but damn WG, I loved the PT A too

  7. So funny how the crybabies are at it again. If the nerf would happen to any soviet tank, they would cry like always that the nerf does nothing. So fun to see how the retardos are at it again.

  8. 449 battles, 2237,89 WN85, and 56,35% winrate overall,
    76 battles, 2720 WN8, 72.37% winrate recently,
    in PT A.
    I agree with 0gungrave0 that it is the least forgiving tank. I take 2 repair ktis. Usually, the 1st shot you take, ammoracked, small repair kit. 2nd shot you take, tracked and ammo racked, large repair kit. When you take a 3rd shot, it’s pretty much the end of it.
    In my battles, medium to long range fire and hit on the move is not very common. That is why I do not understand the gun handling nerf.

  9. Look at this comment section and see how toxic and idiot majority of this tanker community is.
    The LeoPTA is currently one of the best if not the best T9 MT. It is freakingly insanely strong, LT mobility + TD alpha + TD pen + MT gun handling?
    Yes it is HARD to play it properly. But this doesn’t mean it has the right to be OP.
    Balance is the most important thing, and WG is trying to make the game more balanced.
    Yes the game still got tons of problems, but at least they are trying to fix.
    So stop crying about everything kids.

    1. dude the point is there is way better Russian tanks but they dont nerf them. Heaven forbid we have on good none Russian tank. And those are massive nerfs believe it or not. So tired the 430u gets a tiny nerf and the progetto gets hammered now this .So dumb i knew it was coming bc its not Russian.

      1. So we ignore the fact that the PTA is the best tier 9 med an deserves a small nerf and that the Progetto was the most played medium tank on tier 10 and had better stats than other tanks?

        Yes we do as we do not care about facts we only care about spreading bullshit.

  10. you see if you are smart you would quit this game long ago. thats all they do. swing tanks one way or the other to force people to spend money to buy the new hot thing of the day. next year nerf e5 again, buff pta again and progetto lololol

  11. Leo PTA deserves a nerf, end of story. Sure it’s not very forgiving, but having 420 alpha with a 105mm, 272 pen, and insanely good gun handling with great accuracy on a relatively quick platform is a bit busted. Having played it, I definitely could see the need to adjust some of the soft stats. The nerf is one hundred percent justified. I said from the very start that the Leopard buffs were overdone. Despite the terrible armor, the Leopard PTA is far more forgiving because it has a reliable gun, especially when compared to something about AMX 30. I don’t get this whining about Russian bias, since the Object 430 did receive gun handling nerfs in the patch (it was a strong vehicle, but not broken), and if you look at Tier IX meds, the 430 II is lackluster, while the T-54, a good tank IMO, has weakened over time as other vehicles are introduced.

  12. Wargame Buff it to make it useful again after years of neglect
    (its German Tech Tree = complete zero interest from WG Minsk office

    they Nerf it?
    (and so soon after the Italian Tech Tree Nerf butchering

    Wargame complete ASSHATS there brains live right up there Ass Holes most of the time

    with the situation in Belarus …. how long can WG HQ keep working? if a nasty Civil War breaks out?
    and then there is the 5 ton Gorilla that is Putin … watching other side of Border

    enjoy playing WOT while we can

  13. PTA is fine as it is… Pls leave it like this, Other tanks should be adressed before!

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