July Twitch Package Duration Extended (Again)

The duration of the July package and related missions has been extended to August 20 (initially was until August 11 and then August 18).

7 thoughts on “July Twitch Package Duration Extended (Again)

  1. I hope this is the result of half the WG staff having been “kommissar’d” for their equipment 2.0 fail.

  2. They pulling this crap every month. They extend it by almost 2 weeks so now we getting drops every 45 days instead of every 30. Wargamings greed knows now bounds, ffs

  3. Thanks to Twitch Prime becoming Prime gaming, it’s exclusive to 1st world countries (Germany, France, UK etc) now and in Romania, since it’s just a measly “Prime Video” only country now, you can’t have loot or the King Tiger (C) anymore since our money isn’t good enough for greedy fucking amazon apparently.

    Fuck amazon.

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