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    1. Its the worst Tier 6 Light Tank of all other Tier 6 Light Tanks. As a reward for 10Years you get a middle finger from WG wich you still need to unlock by completing 30 missions. The biggest passive fuck you imaginable 🙂

      1. 20 Missions in a 19kmh Tank with Tier5 MM, where the most useless scum of WoT gets stuck, because its the first Tier that needs real exp to continue. Sand people are highly educated creatures compared to that scum pushing buttons with their head on Tier5 MM…

        1. T5 is gonna be half Valiants, so it’s not that hard of a handicap…and if you wanna skip the grind of 50+ battles in low tiers, you can spend 1500 otherwise pretty much worthless Birthday Coins…also you get t5+t6 for free…the fuck do you want you entitled pricks? Everywhere I see people thinking they would get like a free deathstar or something…Are you people serious for christ’ sake?

          1. Tbh while I expected it to be a bit better of a light tank, it’s the only other brit light besides the sentlac for crew training, besides since its gun is trash you can use the new equipment to focus on other stuff like passive scouting which I enjoy the idea of

            1. Yeah, nice idea… but… you can use passive scoutin on tier 6 MM on half of the maps. Otherwise when you need gun to protec, you can go F yourself

    2. Look on tanks.gg https://tanks.gg/tank/a46

      DPM 1,564.29
      Damage 105
      Penetration (mm) 105
      Reload time (sec) 4.03
      Rate of fire (rnds/min) 14.90
      Aim time (sec) 1.92
      Dispersion 0.43
      … moving 0.14
      … tank traverse 0.14
      … turret traverse 0.10
      … after firing 3.36
      … damaged 1.92
      · · ·
      Damage vs. modules 105
      Caliber (mm) 76
      Shell velocity (m/s) 785
      Max range (m) 720
      Ammo capacity 50
      Potential damage 5,250
      Shell cost 95

      Top speed (km/h) 60
      Reverse speed (km/h) 20
      Power (hp) 350
      Power/weight (hp/t) 22.17
      Tank traverse (°/sec) 57.36
      Effective traverse
      … hard (°/sec) 54.49
      … medium (°/sec) 48.43
      … soft (°/sec) 29.06
      Terrain resistance
      … hard 0.77
      … medium 0.86
      … soft 1.44
      · · ·
      Gun elevation (°) 20
      Gun depression (°) 9
      Gun traverse (°/sec)40.25
      Gun traverse range (°)-180 / 180
      Turret traverse (°/sec) 54.23

      Everything Else
      Hull armor (mm) 31.8 / 20 / 15.9
      Turret armor (mm) 35 / 20 / 20
      Track armor (mm) 20
      · · ·
      Health 580
      Engine health 234
      … repaired 123
      Track health 120
      … repaired 90
      Ammo rack health 180
      … repaired 120
      · · ·
      Max load (kg) 17,000
      Total weight (kg) 15,787
      · · ·
      Stationary camo (%) 17.09 / 4.22
      Moving camo (%) 17.09 / 4.22
      · · ·
      View range (m) 370
      Radio range (m) 450
      Fire chance 20%

  1. I was never so disappointed because of a WG gift but you are right Kyros… compared it in tanks.gg and its the worst shit from maybe like 5 most played tier 6 lights… total trash… useless… a big middle finger from WG… this company deserves no more euro from us ..!..

    1. Free tank and always going to have some people whining like the typical WoT players they are.

      This is me slow clapping at the stupidity of this.

      1. I’m with you on that. What were people expecting? A free premium Tier VIII? A free Tier X reward tank? Seriously, the sense of entitlement of some people …

        1. I was expectin somethin competitive. Thats the point. Not to get total ..!.. from WG a total trash tank on 10!!! anniversary.
          I have all the tanks, except some reward clan wars tank, i dont need more… but sorry guys, this is total trash reward. Some 5 mill credits or equipment rewards or 50% down equip would be better then this

  2. Then don’t get it, you no life piece of shits.
    If you hate everything about the game and continue playing it, YOU are the idiots.

  3. QB had early access to this tank and has already 3-marked it! Check is Twitch stream.

    1. 3rd mark something which you have hands on first….piece of cake…changes nothing about piece of crap for 10th anniversary!! only to collect dust and take space in my garage…..last year tier VII….this year….vomit

  4. I don’t get why people whine so much.
    Yeah WG does bullsh*t sometimes I agree. But c‘mon…

    If you wanna whine tho. I‘ll wait for when the Valiant comes out and play nothing except LeFH….
    You‘re the perfect targets 🙂

  5. 18kph top speed?
    and don’t get me started on that Tier 3 to 4 Gun it gets

    utter complete trash a nothing of a nothing reward meaningless gesture from Wargame

    Wargame is the only Company i know that fucks up badly so often when it comes to there Loyal
    Customers aka there player base, which helps make them mega-rich profits

    side note ~

    Belarus is in turmoil a Civil war is looking very real The people v Government always messy .. but hopefully it can be settles peacefully and WG and its people in Minsk are all ok.

    However as WG quite stupidly has there main base of operations HQ there? well i hope WOT is not to badly affected ((which it can be

    1. civil war, fuck them people. There’s always riots and protesting in almost every country across europe every day about some shit cause or crap. A handful of people protesting against their shit governmenr is hardly a civil war or news.

  6. This tank is so bad. So is the Valent . We should of gotten the chance to earn at least a tier 8 for 10th anniversary but its WG what do expect. i heard they only care about bring in new players and rewarding the new players with this event . The 7 low tier premiums and forcing us to play them to earn the crap tier 6 proves it .

  7. They are a shitty company in a shitty country. What did you expect from lazy, incompetent, greedy cunts?

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