The Act V 10th Anniversary Birthday Present Is Here!

Source: EU Portal

The 10th Anniversary celebration for World of Tanks is wrapping up, Commanders!

Since the beginning of this epic celebration, we’ve been treating you to tons of special activities, intense Anniversary Missions, spectacular customization elements, and other surprises. You’ve learned many interesting facts about the history of your favorite game and witnessed the main stages of its creation and evolution.

But the best and most unexpected special is yet to come! Act V: New Horizons features a truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime Birthday Present. We’ll be giving away 7 Premium vehicles to all players as a token of our gratitude and appreciation. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to earn an eighth Premium vehicle—the brand-new A46 British light tank! The final cherry on top is the chance to get 10 days of World of Tanks Premium Account just by logging in daily!

10th Anniversary Birthday Present

August 17, 08:00 CEST through October 12, 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Enter the Game and Redeem Your Gifts!

From August 17, 08:00 CEST through October 12, 07:00 CEST (UTC+2), just log in to World of Tanks and you’ll see a congratulatory message along with your personal lifetime game statistics, which were previously inaccessible to you. Take a look at your achievements in World of Tanks from a different perspective, compare them to other players, and toast your own special World of Tanks journey!

You’ll also find 7 unique vehicles in your Garage, six of which were previously handed out for earlier birthdays. These are the brave Tier II–III battle stars that await you:

If you already own one or more of these special vehicles, you will receive 100,000 credits, 250 Anniversary Coins, and a free Garage slot as compensation for each tank.

The seventh warrior is a brand-new tank, the  V Valiant . It is our 10th Anniversary gift to all players. Each vehicle comes with a 100% crew and a free Garage slot.

Along with the Birthday Present tanks, you will also get 50 stunning emblems that you can apply to any vehicle.

Mission: 10 Days of Premium Account for 10 Years of WoT!

August 12 at 08:00 CEST to August 22 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).


  •  1 day of WoT Premium Account


  • Log in to World of Tanks


  • Once per day
  • 10 times per account

Complete Special Missions and Earn the Speedy A46!

Don’t stop reading yet! There’s another cool vehicle in store for you! During the Active Phase of Act V, from August 17, 08:00 CEST through August 24, 08:00 CEST (UTC+2), you can get your hands on the eighth gift tank, the  VI A46 .

This fast and maneuverable Tier VI British light tank is a natural saboteur that boasts an accurate gun and excellent dynamics. This scout is an absolute must-have for your tank collection!

To grab this speedy commando, enter Random Battles and complete special missions in any of the seven Birthday Present vehicles. Having completed all of these missions, you will be rewarded with 100 tokens and 150 Anniversary Coins.

Go for it, Commanders!


Destroy 1 enemy vehicle or cause 100 HP of damage. Be among the top 7 players on your team by experience earned.



  • 2x Anniversary tokens

The Brave Valiant


Destroy 1 enemy vehicle or cause 300 HP of damage. Be among the top 7 players on your team by experience earned.


  • Can only be completed in the Valiant
  • 20 times per account
  • Random Battles only


  • 2x Anniversary tokens

To redeem the A46, you need to earn:

  • 60 tokens in the Tier II–III Birthday Present vehicles
  • And 40 tokens in the Valiant

Don’t have time to earn the required number of tokens? No problem! You can use Anniversary Coins to purchase the A46 in the Anniversary Store from August 24, 08:00 CEST through October 12, 07:00 CEST (UTC+2). It will cost 1,500 Anniversary Coins.

21 thoughts on “The Act V 10th Anniversary Birthday Present Is Here!

    1. Yeah, only two free tier 5/6 Tanks, 600k Credits, 6 Garage slots and a bunch of coins.
      I’ve also expected to get myself a free Chieftain or at least a Type 59 …

      1. Most don’t care about low tiers, especially if they are garbage. 600k credits is nothing, 1/10th of a t10 tank…, already have 100 too many garage slots and top it off with useless coins you cant use in anything usefull. The whole celebration is a joke.

        1. Hahahahahahahahahah

          Once again, WG let us all down. Perfect consistency demonstrated on 10th anniversary. hahahahahahahahah

          I was gonna say that event for grinding IS2-S was fun except being too grindy. But then I just realised that it only happened during these anniversary acts instead of being a part of it.

          But, look at it this way: for the past several years, all we got are tier II or III craps, now tier V & VI craps???

          Maybe next year it would be tier VII and VIII craps??? 🙂 man, be positive. hahahaahahahahah

      2. like steve said, i don’t care about 2 shitty tier 5/6… and i have lots of garage slots. it would be nice to give us at least some bonds, if they don’t want to give us something interesting

  1. Well, WG wants us to play tier X… yet they approved the idea for us to seal clubbing more…

    Remember WG, we are not playing high tier cause you forced us to do this in this period. But fine, I’m OK with it…

    Another thing is, really, in order for us to play more tier X, WG can award us with an OK tier X reward tank (not premium) using this opportunity. Sure we won’t pay 6 million, but as it will still be super expensive play at tier X & as it’s an OK tier X plus it’s a reward, people are more likely to keep it and hence play more tier X… If WG is afraid of people are just going to sell it for 3 million credit, just give it a price like Foch 155 / FV215b (183), which is low as hell as 1000…

    The option of the OK tier X reward can be one of:

    Obj. 780
    (maybe too good and should be only for RASHA, cause bias)
    Obj. 257 (P)
    (again, totally new, so WG must be mean about this one)
    Obj. 777 Ver II C
    (as lame as this, same as tier IX, but fine)
    On the similar line, maybe bring back Obj.263 when it was tier X (called it “Obj.263 Goog Old Time”) 🙂

    Or something that were only for chinese server:
    Obj. 268 V
    WT E100…

    OMG, jut look at this list of RASHA….

    1. They will never release the Obj. 257 (P) and it’s barely new as it was tested back in 2016. It was transformed into the Tier IX tech tree version.

      1. Yeah, I was wrong by thinking about that totally new Obj 752 at tier IX when I wrote “Obj 257 (P)”… But, you can treat “totally new” as a meme. 🙂

        Plus, this then falls in the same category with Obj 777 II C and Obj 263….
        Just bring back us the good old time by giving us something crap at tier X which performs just a touch better than tier IX ….

    2. well, the Obj 780 has the number “10” on the side and on the back light on the turret… perhaps it means something 🙂

      1. honestly, I really think that we’ll get the Obj 780 ! The number on the back of the Obj780 is 12810, which translates to 12.08.2010, which is the launch date of World of tanks!

        1. Yeah, it’ll be a rage globally if savage losers on RU servers just get this somehow later this year cause they RASHA…

          But I totally agree with you, at least those “10”s should make this tank to do with this year…

          BTW, I forgot when in a year did WG release T-50-2 and Super Hellcat? Sometime close to Xmas?
          Maybe, just maybe, Obj.780 is the deal for this year for those beta testers???

          1. That veteran thing is always at the end of November. But there’s no way they get the Obj 780.

            I’m 100% certain it’s the final bday reward for the players (in case you collected 5 golden keys), the “10s” on the tank and the WoT release date on the back just give it away imo.

  2. Yeah, give a free tier 10 so more bots can play tier 10 with a 50% crew, and camo net.

    The level of entitlement is insane!!!

    1. they do that anyway.i’v seen tvps and t57 heavy with cammo net / binos. i was in shock when a t57 heavy suddenly disappeared in front of me, from like 300 m… but for every one of this “speshul” players, there are 20 of those somewhat normal

  3. Ah nice again the whiners are out there to complain about free stuff.
    If it is a low tier tank – Complain that it isn’t a worth it as you are not interested in it.
    If it is a mid tier tank – Complain that at least a tier VIII should be the reward
    if it is a tier VIII+ tank – Complain that now all newbies will come to the high tier gameplay and ruin it.

    This community always delivers the best stupidity.

    1. You should be grateful. They are your raison d’être. Without “whiners who complain about free stuff” what would whiners like you, who complain about any and every critique of Wargaming, whine about?

  4. Seriously? This is the massive “gift”? A couple Tier II & Tier III tanks? Ridiculous AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
    Who the fuc* will play Tier II? Not even newbies play Tier II ! AHAHHA

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