WoT: Internet Connection Issues in Minsk

Please be informed that due to circumstances beyond our control, we are currently experiencing technical issues connecting to the Internet at our main development center in Minsk, Belarus. For this reason, we are concerned that we may not be able to deliver information and launch activities in a timely manner.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and we will provide you updates as details become available. Stay tuned!

Source: EU Portal

19 thoughts on “WoT: Internet Connection Issues in Minsk

  1. No wonder , the corrupt presidential election was today over there . The guy that won has all the opposition in jail so it seems legit RASHAN politics @ it’s finest

    1. He didn’t start WW3. Just another oligarch who tries to keep his seat. In fact his position is quite unstable, Russia wants to annex Belarus… Keep in mind, it could be way worse.

      1. Tell this to those who got injured due to police brutality, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t change their mind.

      2. Yepp, Putin is trying to push out a change in rashan shitstitution to keep to presidential chair, the belarussian way is actually an union, and the newly formed entity would allow another 2 round for Putin.That, and the water supply problems in Crimea could trigger some nasty surprises from east.And knowing the cowards that rules EU we may wake up having a common border with rasha instead Moldova and Ucraine.
        And the belorussian elections were just as legit and fair like WoTs rng.They have now our 10th of August, and the shitstorm there wont end soon, the police/army brutality will result riots.

      1. You know what’s wrong? That the police and army that is supposed to protect the country, gladly attack the civilians they are supposed to protect without a second thought at the snap of Lukashenko’s finger.

  2. Well this is what you get from running an international company from a clown dictatorship.

  3. Lol – What’s new? Delivering information in a timely manner isn’t their strong point at the best of times!

  4. Putin will watch this very closely. He aims to bring back Belorus into the fold (read: annex it), and since Lukashenko resisted the idea, Putin would not mind getting rid of him. However, there is no love for reintegration of Belorus into Russia among the opposition, so they cannot expect much support from Putin, either. Perhaps if Lukashenko does not manage to quell the unrest, he will turn to the Russians for help, so Putin may first contine to secretly stoke unrest and then graciously agree to send in troops to support a good Russian friend in need. Needless to say, said troops will then simply forget to leave.

  5. Shitty company from shitty country.

    Romania is not a great country, but at least our internet works.

  6. All the Russo-phobia on here is making me laugh. Lukashenko and the Belarusian political system is no worse or better than the political system in any “Western” country. If you think Western elections are democratic and not just a clown show to create an “illusion of choice,” then you are truly naive.

    1. Nice try you commie sockpuppet account. How much did Lukashenko pay to you for spewing bs over the internet?

    2. Fuck off and get back to Sputnik or Rasha Today.There is a fresh pile of shit awaits you to eat it all.The only good rashan is the dead rashan, buried at least 5 meter deep,My grandfather was war prisonier in rasha, and my grandmother have told some stories about the great soviet army that invaded Romania, so fuck you and each and every russky motherfucker.All of them, cancers of the human kind.

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