World of Tanks Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The World of Tanks Edition Robot Vacuum Cleaner was announced. It will be sold in a limited and exclusive batch in China.

As you probably know, now World of Tanks is completely relaunched in Mainland China the help of its new partner – 360 Group. And at the current “ChinaJoy 2020” exhibition in China, World of Tanks, of course, had its own stand and this miracle was announced – 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner World of Tanks Edition.

360 Group (Wargaming’s partner in China) announced the release of a new exclusive model of the tank vacuum cleaner in a limited edition.

The “World of Tanks” robot vacuum cleaner has a special camouflage pattern on the entire surface, and is also equipped with a turret, barrel, machine gun and other tank elements. The prototype of this cleaning robot is the flagship X90 robot vacuum cleaner from 360 Group, the current price is 2199 yuan (23,420 rubles/315 dollars) on the Jingdong website (JD / 京东).

The price for “360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner World of Tanks Edition” has not yet been announced, neither what it will come bundled with.

10 thoughts on “World of Tanks Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  1. How to profit:
    1. Take cheap roomba
    2. Glue a turret on it.
    3. Profit.

    You DO REALIZE there is a reason for them being as flat as possible?
    They have to get beneath chairs and couches. this one will get stuck with additional and unnecessary 40% height

    another perfect example of WG and how out of touch it is with the real world.
    bet it doesn’t even work good… (On youtube you will find: ‘vacuum wars’ < check those out for legit ones!)

    Overall this reminds me a lot of Konami, releasing game themed Pachinko machines (slot machines), instead of releasing actual good games :I

    oh and JUST to give another kick to the stomach:
    i myself do own a remote control Tiger 1 which fires nice 6mm platic rounds. 140€

    You can find similar on Amazon, Ebay and other ToyRetailers.
    Those either: Just simulate shots and hits. Do Lasertag. OR actually shoot plastic. (range about 10m~)

    The list of things wrong with all of this is too long to count and if you buy one you should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. You do realize, that WoT in China is published by completely different company? They make their decisions separately from Wargaming policies. Hence WT Auf E100 is a super expensive tier 10 premium there. You could write a lengthy complaint how Wargaming should be ashamed of that too 😀

    2. You should be ashamed of yourself because your reading comprehension is a big fat 0.

      It literally says in the article that the company called 360 Group made the roomba, not Wargaming.

    3. On the remote, there’s an ‘Ammorack’ button which removes the turret and allows the machine to get to the hard to reach places.

  2. Great! Get ready to be Tian’anmen-square’d in your own living room!

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