WoT: Future Tank Available for Anniversary Coins

According to the Russian colleagues at Wotclue, during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of World of Tanks, we can expect a new premium tank available for anniversary coins (it should be up to 1500 coins)

Source: RU Forums.

27 thoughts on “WoT: Future Tank Available for Anniversary Coins

    1. Worth, just for the memes alone.
      That tank has quite an interesting history.

      Also, I knew WG was plannning something like this.

    2. valiant is a tier 5 shitter? then i don’t care. i have 2.3 k coins , and i will buy some directives , if there is nothing else interesting 🙂

  1. I only have 500 of these things left because I really did not see the point and now they are offering a tank for 1500? Honestly? And they could not be arsed to tell us that beforehand? I really hope that isn’t true.

    1. I saved from the beginning, so it was clear that you can still buy everything at the end. it has been speculated since the beginning that something big might still come for the brands. blame yourself fool

      1. Do you always talk like a degenerate prick or did you really just have a bad day? I’m actually curious.

    2. You should learn by now WG never tells us anything.

      That said I will have enough to get it and I will just sell it for the credits.

    1. “you knew”
      ok i translate: i grinded them and forgot to spend them on anything really…

      1. to be honest , i too was saving them in hope that there will be something better to buy, other than some decals 🙂

  2. spend them wisely?

    So far i have spent in a three sets of inscription (“Soon” for covenanter, “Ensk drift” for T-50 and “No Cap” for BT-5, 18 total) and three sets of decals (“mighty mouse” for maus, “kannotgitgud” for Lago and “big stun” for M40. Near 2k coins left plus those added for the next stage will be no problem to get a tank for 1.5k to 2k coins of more.

  3. I fucking knew they would pull this shit at the last possible moment.

    Well, I blew mine on camos so joke’s on me I guess, hopefully that tank will be the Valiant or some other collector’s item of little competitive value, otherwise I expect a shitstorm.

  4. There is absolutely 0% chance that the vehicles on offer would be any good or fun.

    I would enjoy having Wargaming make me eat my words but it’s been 10 years, why would they change their tune now?

  5. You can say that about 1 ingame currency, “I knew there would be a reason to save them”.
    I’ve been saving bonds for YEARS and their still not worth anything…

    Never spent a single bond.

  6. I always saved because some youtubers said don’t spend all the coins, in the end something will come for which you need them. seems to be correct. but i’m afraid it’ll be the super chaffee or the valliant, but i won’t spend the coins on this scrap. then prefer camouflages or boosters.

  7. FreeHongKong2024 said in a random battle that the Obj 780 will be purchaseable in Act 5 of the 10th anniversary for anniversary coins. This is the second person I have heard this from. Here is what he said when I asked for his sources… “Well first of all Someguy working for Wargaming wrote on internet that it won’t cost more than 1500 coin to buy 780 he then immediately erased it but few ppl took screen shot and posted online Second of all, it is lack of performance for a campaign tank compare to t95 907 and etc Third and most important of all if u look into 3d model of 780 that is already in the game client They have number 10 in gun top and 12810 in the backside of the tank body. remember that it is 10th anniversya and the game started 10.8.12 12810 and 10812 interesting”. More conspiracy theories… On the Object 780 turret are white numbers 1 and 10. Could this mean update 1.10??? I am still trying to figure out the stamped number on the turret 14810. The number on the rear (12810) matches the date WoT release on the russian server August 12, 2010. The wiki article about WoT says the servers went down on August 13, 2010. Does this mean they came back online on the 14th giving us the meaning of 14810? Wouldn’t be surprised if the Obj 780 was only available to those with all 5 keys and n number of coins. I don’t think it is a CW tank since the armor model is already out. The T95/FV4201 Chieftain model wasn’t out until you could choose the tank, basically.

  8. It doesn’t say how many coins this tank (that will or will not actually exist) might cost. One player says that he has over 1500 and the moderator says that he would “not be afraid” if he had that much. Without earlier conversation context it’s not clear what is it that he would or wouldn’t be afraid of.

    He also says that anniversary might still bring some new interesting stuff including something for tank collectors. And that this might cause shit storm on forums by players who already spent all their coins.

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