Update 1.10: E 100 and IS-4 guns

„Dear players,
Please note that with update 1.10 the 12.8 cm 44 L/55 gun for the E100 and the 122 mm D-25T gun for the IS-4 are not available for these vehicles anymore.
However if you owned these guns they were not removed from your accounts, they are still available in your depot to be sold or mounted on different vehicles.”
Source: EU Support

3 thoughts on “Update 1.10: E 100 and IS-4 guns

  1. Then riddle me this: how come they’re still available in-game?
    Or at least, via the techtree vehicle preview.

    Also, how else is quickybaby going to spam HE with his IS-4?

    1. 1) These guns now have a different name
      2) The former guns are also used on different tanks (IS, Maus)

      3) IDGAF

      1. Ah right, then the comment makes more sense.
        Thank you for elaborating.

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