3 thoughts on “🇩🇪 Kanonenjagdpanzer 105 Available on EU

  1. I actually like this vehicle. I’ve played a rental of it and enjoyed it quite a bit. I like the aesthetics and design of it as it looks like a strange Cold War throwback to German WW2 armor.
    That said, it’s a really weird/hard sell. The Skorpion G seems better in every conceivable way given the meta of the game not to mention, for the price it blatantly isn’t worth it and I say that as someone who might actually pay for the damned thing if it was, what, about 20 euros?

    Still, just Wargaming things I suppose.

  2. I believe that the KnJpz 105 should get improved alpha and penetration like the Leopard PTA and Leopard 1, otherwise it’s a very textbook tank destroyer that, like so many others, suffers due to poor map design that mostly favors close range brawling over flanking and sniping.

  3. DONT … its the 2nd worst prem tank i EVER had and i had em all.
    Imagine a E25… remove prefer mm, give everyone 450 viewrange and guns which 1-2 shot you…
    you CANT hide it and it DIES upon being spotted. And its DPM is piss poor…

    Any other TD performs MUCH better. WZ (t8prem) in particular, tier for tier. Its like a 122-44 on steroids.

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