WoT: 1.10 Update Overview

Update 1.10 is quickly approaching. This is one of the largest ones in recent times.

-The Pearl River map has been rebuilt.
-The parameters of some medium tanks, heavy tanks and wheeled vehicles have also changed.
-In addition, a new mechanic for obtaining bonds with Tier X vehicles has been added, and the in-game communication system has been overhauled.
-The Steel Hunter mode was also reworked.

8 thoughts on “WoT: 1.10 Update Overview

    1. meh, new mechanics only for the tier 10 med and some new equipment… big deal. i don’t think a lot of people will remove the rammer optics/vents v stabs for those new things. i plan to put the turbo charger on my su130pm and maybe that new thing that gives cammo, on skorpion ( but i don’t think it is worth to mount it) . in rest nothing interesting there…

      1. Turbo charger on tvp t50 and CS 63, aim handling on grille 15. There are tanks who can use some new stuff than just vent, stabs and gun

        1. on tvp maybe, but i don’t think it is worth it on cs, because it doesn’t have good gun handling.and grille has good accuracy but sinister soft stats, and i don’t know if GLD would help too much. nor do i think that improved aiming thinggie will help …maybe will help a little. but for 95% of tanks, the things will stay the same, at least for me.

          1. PLayed the Cs 63 my self on the test with the turbo and it was a lot nicer than without. About the gun handlning, I had no problems with it. On the move you can circle enemies a lot easier with the turbo charger on. You can get into positions faster with those 100 extra Horse power.
            So I think it is worth it. Extra 10% horse power does a lot + 5km/h.

            About grille 15 Im talkning about the -5% disperssion.

  1. Pity steel hunter was made less fun.. Because wg is against derpguns

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