WoT: 1.10 Update Launch Date

Update 1.10 will come to public servers next week, on August 4.

Update release dates for all regions:

NA: August 3, 15:30 UTC
ASIA: August 3 02:00 UTC
EU: August 4 8:30 UTC
RU: August 4 9:30 UTC

New mod folders will be created: /res_mods/ and /mods/

Source: wotclue

13 thoughts on “WoT: 1.10 Update Launch Date

  1. So we are getting that rushed equipment rework that nobody asked for without a full refund in a week?

  2. Not to worry. At least we will get insufficient nerfs to the wheeled tanks (except for the premium, of course) and exaggerated nerfs to the Progetto line (again not the premium)(that one get’s buffed). If that is not worth waiting for, I don’t know what is.

  3. You know what? If I buy a product I like and they change it to something I don’t like, I stop buying it and probably find another product. Why would I keep buying something I don’t like, just to bitch about it?

  4. Are they still charging for demounting camo nets, binocs and Toolboxes?

  5. The shitter the patch, the faster WG want to smash that to our face.

    Is this the first time all four regions get update within 2 days???

    Wasn’t update to EU usually a Wednesday or a Thursday???

    WG just can’t wait 1 or 2 days to fuck with us.

    JUST a few days to enjoy Italy tanks………

    1. Nobody will play them and new players will run away faster.
      I dont get why they buffed HP in low tiers few updates before and now they are crippling low tiers.

      1. Fewer equipment slots at low tiers makes sense. They need to disallow mounting bond equipment on low tiers though, and undo the buffs to low tier sealclubbing tanks.

        1. I agree with disallowing bond equipment in low tiers. But fewer equipment slots dont make sense, because of +1/-1 MM in low tiers. Bottom tier players are already at a disadvantage when fighting top tier tanks and now they get another disadvantage in equipment slots. Wtf, why?

    2. Equipment with no slots (like for Tier 1-3 tanks) should get sent to the depot for free when the patch goes live iirc.

  6. The UI sucks
    They split one menu into 3
    All of which more clunky.

    No preset possible. Hurray for stupid and ancient methods

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