4 thoughts on “leKpz M 41 90 mm Available on EU

  1. Funny LT!!! I love it to play with HEP (102pen/320dmg). I recommend this tank. (but you need at least 2 skills)

  2. I remember when this first came out and everyone lauded it as amazing.

    Then HWK 30 came, and then EBR 75 which made all other Tier 8 LTs obsolete… 🙁

    1. Pretty much this. Wheeled tanks have messed up light tank gameplay, and since the EBR 75 will not be nerfed, this won’t change on Tier VIII. Not that I think that the upcoming nerfs will change much about the other wheeled tanks, either.

  3. You are forgetting to mention the 700 alpha guns you can now meet in this tank.
    So it is quite uncompetitive now.

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