6 thoughts on ““Galahad” Style for FV4005 Stage II Available on EU

  1. This is in-game content that I can approve of. Wish WG made more of these instead of so many OP premium tanks.

  2. I really don’t get them with their pricing. Why is a 3D skin so expensive? I mean, I am REALLY for them trying new monetization models other than selling OP premium tanks at tier 8 but 19 € for a skin that they JUST gave away for “free” like 2 weeks ago in that weird car tuning event??? What exactly are they thinking, if anything at all?
    If this skin would actually include the tier 10 tank too if you got it researched or a compensation in credits if you got it already but… idk. shakes head

  3. 18€ for a few generic items and no paint? …………………………………………. nice

  4. This exists just to prove people are idiots, shelling out 18 euros for a camo. 4.99 Euros would have been correct.

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