Steel Hunter 2020: Event Vehicles & Top Configurations Pictures


KV-13, Russian nation. Vehicle description:

– This tank, assembled from written-off parts and components from various tank-building factories, poses a serious threat to any enemy vehicle. A real monster can be created right on the battlefield by tossing blueprints and technical documentation in the wind.


T25 / 2, American nation. Vehicle description:

– This vehicle perfectly balances where modern meets classic. Time-proven technologies combined with the latest advancements served as the basis for this tank, which is a true pleasure to drive. So long as you don’t mind rusty metal, of course.

Harbinger Mk. IV

Cavalier, British nation. Vehicle description:

– British engineers continue to show how they build perfect vehicles that attract experienced commanders and terrify enemies. And this hunter is no exception. Its legendary British steel is ready to demonstrate its supremacy on the battlefield once again.


VK 30.02 D, German nation. Vehicle description:

-The Germans are old hands both at metallurgical engineering and high-quality assembly. This vehicle is the perfect lone wolf — independent, versatile, and easily capable of adapting to any combat situation to survive.


AMC 35, French nation. Vehicle description:

-Lightness, smooth shapes, and grace are the three pillars that determine French tank-building. Neither borrowed designs nor technologies obtained through industrial espionage were the basis of this vehicle. It boasts only original, effective ideas and solutions.

12 thoughts on “Steel Hunter 2020: Event Vehicles & Top Configurations Pictures

  1. Still the only way to “win” this mode is to play the Germans and hide early on so that you can more easily get into the rankings to win chevrons. The German tank is OP for early gameplay due to its armor and gun allowing you to more easily fend people off early in the match.

    1. It’s indeed strong early on. It’s why you should not hide, but use the armor. Just find a Russian and roll over it for even faster points. The faster you get that 2nd gun. The easier you will roll over others in a 1 on 1…. or at least, that’s how it was the last time. Tho I went for the LT derp build vs the HT build late game with it.

  2. no one else noticed the Chieftain hull for the top configuration of the British vehicle?
    they keep provoking us with the various forms they added the Chieftain to the game without actually being THE Chieftain

  3. My 9 year old and 12 year old love this game mode its silly and daft so appeals to there childish idea of fun,
    no brain really required a bit of thinking here and there so just go for it enjoy the shoot em up daft gameplay

    1. WoT new target audience – Kids. With go-karts and these stupid modes. Shame.

  4. Wait, there is only one top setup for the tanks this year? Was the possibility of choice too hard for the low IQ playerbase so they had to dumb this mode down too?

    1. no, there are 2 options at each level, and on the last level, you can choose from 2 as well, but overall, there are 3 final builds

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