Supertest: Super Chaffee (Initial Stats)

The М24Е2 Super Chaffee American Tier VI light tank is coming to the Supertest.

This vehicle comes equipped with a 75mm gun that deals 115 damage per shot.  The standard AP shell is capable of penetrating as much as 120 mm of armor, and its special APCR shell can penetrate 155 mm. The gun is well stabilized, and its accuracy is 0.44, aiming time 1.7 s, and reload time 4 s. The vehicle’s view range is 380 m.

The tank reaches speeds up to 56 km/h and has a specific power of 28.7 h.p./t The vehicle’s durability is 670 HP. At the same time, the vehicle’s armor is similar to other light tanks of the same tier, which means it should not be relied on too frequently.

What makes the М24Е2 Super Chaffee stand out are its high rate of fire, stabilized gun, and good mobility. It can play the role of a light tank and provide support to allies.

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35 thoughts on “Supertest: Super Chaffee (Initial Stats)

  1. 400 to 410 base view range would do this tank justice since low top speed and low gun stats.

    1. Not at all. American light tanks around that tier tend to have bad base accuracy but fantastic soft stats on their guns (look at Chaffee and T37), meaning they can fire well on the move. You shouldn’t be sniping in it anyways, because if you’re firing the gun, you’ll probably be at mid-shorter ranges. Otherwise, you’re doing it wrong, given the fact it’s an active scout; 380m base VR is excellent on a Tier VI light tank. The ground resistances will also probably be good, so the tank will easily maintain its top speed. Having 400-410m base VR at Tier VI would be busted because that’s Tier X levels of VR. Type 64 is already insane at scouting with 390m VR, and one of the best in class. We don’t need even higher than that. Right now, the tanks looks fairly balanced. If you’ve ever played light tanks, you’d understand that what we’re looking at is a pretty solid tank.

      In short, low top speed but it’ll be easy to maintain due to nice power to weight and probably low ground resistances. 380m VR is already incredibly good for Tier VI, and doesn’t need to be increased. Base accuracy on gun will probably be compensated by good soft stats , and it won’t be as important b/c you’ll likely be active scouting. Look at T-100 LT’s gun.

      1. Your assuming one thing here and its important ~ the player who buys/plays this Premium (yes premium) will be knowledgeable, skilled and experienced, have good patience and understand that LT,s in low to mid tiers CANNOT fight anything much until the end game when enemy is weak

        so lol!
        that’s 90% of all WOT players excluded from doing well or enjoying the low gun stats and NOT shooting Gold rounds in frustration all the time every game (this is a high skill Tank for the few)

        the usual bull-crap meta memes from WG who believe/think that LT’s were over power in the game so NERFED hard (3 years ago) to what you get now a T6 that’s a T5

        The Type 64 is also a skilled experienced player Tank (noobs die in 1st or maybe 2nd min in this LT) Once upon a time the T64 was Epic! .. now 6 years on its just average

        This Super Chaffe is just another premium .. thats all prob not good one either
        ~ Look at T-100 LT’s gun. why its a Tier 10! at T10 if its not excellent when will it ever be? you cannot poss compare to a T6 Premium LT

  2. It can play the role of a light tank and provide support to allies.

    It IS a light tank. What else is it supposed to do, provide indirect arty fire support?

    Also, a bit laughable that once again a very old techtree tank (the Tier 6 Chaffee we years ago) is turned into a premium. Guess WG is running out of ideas?

    1. the only way they can “create content” is to take free stuff out of the game and premium-ise it to sell it for €, it seems. they are clearly unable to actually create any new content other than spamming us with retarded fantasy camos/emblems, freshly extracted from some ruski-degenerate’s derrière or braindead reekeeboo’s collection of fingerpaintings.

      1. Irony is that players have been asking for one simple change for years. That change is premium tank conversion of tech tree vehicles. Obviously this would be limited to tiers 5 through 8 for credit/xp but I think tier 9 and 10 be allowed to get a conversion so they can have a crew xp bonus.

        That right there is what I would call content that costs WG hardly anything, is a boon to players, healthier for the game since tech tree vehicles can be nerfed and buffed without anyone having the right to complain even if they converted a tank.

      2. the only way they can “create content” is to take free stuff out of the game and premium-ise it to sell it for €

        Has been the case more than once. Pz IV Schmalturm, T-28 F30, AFK Panther, T-50-2, “Super” Hellcat, now Super Coffee.

        Well, WG did say they were running out of viable premiums to sell for $$$ and were focusing more on Tier 9 reward OP shit. Guess the market has shifted from direct to indirect selling.

        1. Sorry, but how much $$$ make off of the AwfulPth, T-50-2, or SHellcat?

          1. Nothing for T-50-2 and Super Hellcat, but AFK Panther is a Tier 8 premium on, and Tier 8 premiums sell fairly well. And no, I don’t think it will be given out for free.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. Last year about this time we seen super hellcat didnt we. And it turned out to be reward vehicle. So maybe this is the case.

      1. Not even mentioning it’s sub-par stats like on the Super Hellcat

        1. IAnd what about Aufklärunzpanzer V. ? Once OP rammer at tier 7 with fast firing gun, great HP pool and some kind of armor (baby E50M), now 3 years tier 8 premium???

  3. Find it ironic that it’s called super chaffee when it’s basically just a worse T37. T37 goes 65, this goes 56, that’s a very big difference when active scouting, meaning it would need that 15+% speed back in gun performance, or camo etc. which it just doesn’t.

    It might just be me being special, but I play lights quite often and to me speed makes a massive difference in survivability.

    And if they want it to be a passive scout it needs the full 128mm pen 76mm treatment from the Mediums and a lot better than .44 accuracy.
    And better view range/camo, and having a massive turret isn’t really gonna help with the latter.

    Look at the Chinese bulldog, it has a really good gun to compensate for being a worse scout than normal M41 and while it takes some getting used too it’s a good 400m+ sniping light.

    1. No kidding.
      Old Chaffee, that I used to adore, was a legend and put every single vehicle in the class to shame.

      With only 440HP and 45 shells it was much difficult to handle alone, when properly played, than any amount of EBRs and it was a standard vehicle.

      Now, it is just a relic of its former glory and this monstrousity, its ghost.

    2. this is not a worse T37, this is the old Elited Chaffee
      because in the past all tanks in the game had to have at least 2 turret options (stock and upgrade), even if IRL they were only equiped with 1 turret, they had to find something to enable the Chaffee to be upgraded and so they chose the turret of the T37 prototype
      both tanks had absolutely no connection but because the M24 could face top tiers, it was a needed upgrade

      conclusion: this is the old fake Elite M24 Chaffee

      1. The one thing is can’t do the old Chaffee could, 77 KPH, This thing does 55.

        1. but that is from the update to the physics engine, it could not be helped unless they made it even more of a fake and gave it a engine that couldn’t even fit on the tank

    3. Super Chaffee was the name given to the NM-116. So I was hopeing for the 90mm Chaffee to finally make an appearance… But like the Super Hellcat, it’s just the old variant on tier 6 with worse stats. T37 was worse out of the box then the OG Chaffee too.

  4. No armor, no camo, shit gun, shit gun handling with 0.44 accuracy. No thanks. Yes, this tank is so bad that it could be another free reward….

  5. Which is why I said give it 400 to 410 view range.. It be like the old chaffee thing was a legend spotting tier 10 tanks back in the day and never getting spotted.. And circling people to death too man those were the days..

  6. that’s it, there’s no turning back for WG, what the hell is a T24E2?
    this new tank we got here is a old fake, it is the old fake elite M24 Chaffee with the T37 light tank turret but 1 tiny bit difference, the gun modelled is still the 76mm T94 the T37 was equiped with, in fact after comparing the T37 model to the renders it might even be the 76mm T91, which was longer, that is the same gun used on the M41
    the difference between this Super Chaffee and the old fake Chafee is that they are calling it a 75mm gun, in reality the only American built 75mm gun I have seen with compatible length is the ARES 75mm smoothbore from the 1980’s
    just for perspective:
    Sherman 75mm M3 » 37.5 calibers long (L/37.5)
    Chafee 75mm M6 & M17 » L/37.5
    T37 76mm T94 = lightweight 76mm M1A2 » L/52 = 76.2mm x 52 = 3.96 meters long
    T37 76mm T91/M32 » L/60 = 76.2mm x 60 = 4.57 meters long

    for a 75mm cannon to reach either of those lengths we would need:

    3.96m / 0.075m (=75mm) = L/52.8
    4.57m / 0.075m = L/61

    we have never seen a 75mm cannon that long on any American tank, even as towed anti-tank

    1. Being a fan of German tanks, I am looking forward to the Super Panther, the Super Jagdpanther and the Super Tiger I and II – all Premium, of course. And while we’re at it, how about a Super TOG for a bit of variety?

  7. If its a Veteren’s reward, then it should come with some special Camo/Decal like the last two. For me, its a bit meh as I don’t play lights very much and I don’t see this being used as a meta light in Tier 6 skirmishes.

  8. I’m digging it WG. keep it up! and it will be more awesome as veteran reward! =D

  9. Why would you buy this over the t92 is the real question people should be asking, I know the only other premium light is the locust and as a result they dont have many options for crew trainers, but the t92 is decent when compared to other lights at its tier excluding the ebrs/lynx of course

    Now if this is like how the super hellcat is and the t-50-2 then that makes more sense, but as an actual tank you spend money on you have a way better option

    1. Crew trainers? Who the fuck does that. Just buy crew books…ffs

  10. Already obsolete. Super Helcat the free TD, does 72 kph. T-50-2, another light does 65. And now they ask money for 55 kph ?

  11. 1.725 DPM.

    115 dmg all 4s… you can’t ever fight anything that isn’t near death. Many tanks will 3 shot you.

    1. I would not be surprised, maybe the fake IS-2/KV-2 hybrid movie prop upgunned with the ML-20 DERP from the SU-152 (135mm pen, 250mm pen with gold ammo, 700 avg damage)

  12. The problem with trying to balance any tier 6 light tank is that it’ll always be just a worse Type 64. And this is no exception, inferior to the Type 64 in every single aspect apart from p/w ratio. I’d actually recommend trying to put the Super-Chaffee at tier 7 but with its original 400m base view range, 0.36 accuracy and 18.18 rpm rate of fire (iirc).

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