Update 1.10: Common Test 3 Has Started! (Patchnotes)

Preliminary List of Changes [Common Test 3]

Main Changes

  • Increased the weekly bond limit for Tier X vehicles from 50 to 100 bonds.

Changes in Steel Hunter:

    • Experience for destroying enemy vehicles can also be received in Spoils of War (red smoke).

For the Raven and Harbinger Mk. IV vehicles:

  • Decreased the hull and turret weight, thus increasing Specific Power.
  • Increased the turret traverse speed.
  • Increased the hull traverse speed.

New Battle Communication System:

  • Interface sound volume can now be adjusted using the “interface” audio slider.
  • Voiceover volume can now be adjusted using the “voice messages” audio slider.

Changes to technical characteristics:

Gun Rammers and their analogs will be available for mounting on vehicles starting from Tier V.


AC 1 Sentinel

  • Changed the reload time from 2.3 to 2.07 s

Sexton I

  • Changed the reload time from 12 to 10.8 s


T-28E with F-30

  • Changed the reload time from 6.1 to 5.49 s


  • Changed the reload time from 5.2 to 4.68 s


  • Changed the reload time from 4.3 to 3.87 s


  • Changed the reload time from 4.57 to 4.1 s



  • Added screens on the hull sides

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed some technical issues.

23 thoughts on “Update 1.10: Common Test 3 Has Started! (Patchnotes)

  1. it will be nice if they will make bonds grindable in tier 8s and 9s… like in tier 9 you could grind 75 per week and in tier 8 50 bonds per week maybe even in the tier 5-7 too, like 20, or 30 per week

    1. Yes, would be nice but I think it’s clear that WG wants you to play more tier 10 because that’s where people waste their credits which means they will buy gold, premium account, premium tanks etc…
      So while I like your suggestion, it’s not gonna happen.

      1. they could do it at least at tier 8 and 9 too, because at tier 8 and 9 at best you can earn some spare change… so in other words , there is no “danger” to earn credits.

  2. T-28E with F-30
    Changed the reload time from 6.1 to 5.49 s

    Are they f*cking insane ? lol ?

    1. You realise that it can mount a gun rammer in to give it a 5,26s reload without accounting for BiA, food, etc. right? And that with the equipment rework, it loses access to that gun rammer, so in order for it to not be “nerfed” it gets the gun rammer built-in instead to compensate.

      1. Actually, if they do this, they should do it for all the tanks, in tier 3 or 4 that can mount gun rammers now.. Also non premiums.

  3. So, no other changes in this update? Seems like the Italian techtree really gonna gets slaughtered without even going back a small step from their overnerf…

    R.I.P Standard B and Progetto 65

    1. im happy
      Italion meds are nobrainer autoloaders, TVP and BC-25 requires skills to manage the clip unlike the Progetto
      so go ahead WG, it was an annoying tank anyways

      1. You seem to never played italian mediums. “Does not require skill” thats sounds so stuoid first try to play then analise how “easy it was”. Italian high tier mediums are not easy to play in good player hands it shines. In amateur who goes in front and clips someone like they would do in bc25t. They wont do much. You need to count fkr each situation how many shells to use. Because deeper to clip worse the reload.

        1. They need a nerf, but WG is doing again, and overnerfing them. Like they do with the type derp, or the T110E5, and others.
          Simply, remove the rammer and dont nerf the rest… OR nerf the rest and dont remove the rammer. Both changes are too much

          1. I seem to agree with martin. he is such a goo player, he gave the best idea but idk why devs cant see this. they just want to please russian community and fckng hate others.

            1. Yep, i does not have the tier x, right now i reach the panthera, at in my opinion is just an OK tank, yep it could be good in very skilled player or a player who knows a lot of the game.
              But does not see overperforming. It got the nerf too, just because is part of the branch.
              The tier 9 is paper tank, yep seems like a funny tank but with horrendous grinding.
              Some friend have the progetto (tier x), and we platon sometimes, yes its a good tank, maybe has a relatively good chasis (autobounce) but once they load HEAT the chance to bounce is very low.
              To me its seems like a kind of leo who trades alpha and a little of accuracy for autoloader. Nerfing their accuracy and aiming seems like too much for me.
              I will remove the rammer for all, and if someone need a buff (panthera) i will give to him. Thats all no more to nerf.

  4. What happens to all the gear we have equipped on vehicles already? Ive 499 vehicles and thats a hell of a lot of rejigging.

    1. Lets say yous spend an average of 1 minute on each tank it would take you almost 8 and a half fucking hours. On the low end at half the time its still around 4 hours if you spend 30 seconds on each tank deciding on the equipment.

      That right there is a “should I just quit this game for good” kind of moment.

  5. I Like the correction on tier 10 polish, as far as i see…. the tier 8 and 8 premium should have sides skirts also…
    Still not correction on the bug for additional Grousers?
    I am not so sure about the buff to the premiums

  6. A BS patch that has undone most good aspects of it due to two adjustments WG reverted.
    Two adjustments that will fuck up balance on tier 8 even more, becuase it set a president.

    I can hardy imagine how next Frontline team setups are gonna look like…kappa

  7. ..meanwhile no one talks about 279 ripping the tier 10 battles off, also the T95/4201-perma-Prem.ammo spammers, this game became so annoying when every plebs plays for MoE and not for the game itself…sad to see..but hey, WG implements stickers you can put on your tank….wohooo.. bunch of morons aka Developers

    1. imagine still crying about premium ammo
      playing for moe means playing the game, with a mission for yourself, you know bringing out the maximum out of every battle what 90% of the playerbase is too braindead to do

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