10 thoughts on “WoT Console – SummerSlam Season Trailer!

  1. They use dead and retired people to promote tanks in a war game. That is pretty sad and especially in Andre`s case shocking. Shame on you, WG.

    1. You do know dead people have the likeness used a lot? Companies also have to pay their families to do things like this which means their families agreed. Honestly if the families of deceased people agree to these things then we don’t really have any right to call this shameful or shocking. Its all purely legal even if you don’t like it.

      Hell the only time it gets really questionable is if you use CGI to “revive” an actor to portray one of their roles like how disney did for Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One.

      Oh and btw, the only dead person there is Andre the Giant as the rest of those “wrestlers” aka actors are still alive

    1. Its not well known but he always asks for WAAAAAAAY too much money to use his likeness for anything. He is quite the greedy prick these days when it comes to the business side of things.

        1. Oh you mean the wife that divorced him after he cheated on her with his best friend’s wife and made sex tapes of it?

          He certainly wouldn’t have lost his fortune if he was thinking with the head on his shoulders and not the one in his pants.

          1. If you don’t live life to its full enjoyment ur doing it wrong.
            If you think ur morals should be imposed onto others, ur also doing it wrong.

  2. As a person who grew up with these gentlemen instead of a father, this is FREAKING AWESOME!. I want them ALL. including the girl one.

    Please, a Ravishing Rick Rude!!!.
    And put it out on bloody PC.

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