Update 1.10: Third Public Test Launch Date

If everything goes according to plan, the third Common Test of Update 1.10 will start on Thursday, July 23 (evening). The test will be stopped while the update is in progress.

29 thoughts on “Update 1.10: Third Public Test Launch Date

  1. I hope they will completely cancel the shitshow of Italian nerfs. The tech tree tanks don’t need them and buffing the premium one is retarded.

    1. Where is there a buff? They just compensated the gunrammer for a tank ppl payed real money

      1. yes..compensated the gun rammer and giving the fcking empty slot to use another equip instead…sure, not a fkin buff

    2. They do need a nerf. First of all, the upper plate and the upper side plates are an autobounce, the tracks are too fucking wide, so most of the 105mm shells get absorbed when slightly angled. And that fucking mantlet too, bounced far too many…They should nerf the armor, if anything…but yeah…Thats not happening, so nerf the gun instead. Its too powerful. Also, fuck that buff on the t8 one.

      1. my opinion aswell, i bounce more on progettos than on any medium except ofc 430u

      2. e50 and e50m have good upper plate , do you want them nerfed too?

        1. E50 and E50m have shit mobility compared to the progetto, and both get penned by 300+ heat (especially e50m, since wg was so smart buffing the lower plate, but reducing the upper plate angle for ballance reasons). E50m doesn’t have an autoreloader, nor the gun depression capability the Prog has. So yeah, Progetto should be nerfed, since it is the best non-russian t10 medium.

          1. And Progetto doesnt get penned by 300+ heat? What kind of argument is that even?

            Just look at Progettos winrate curve and you’ll see it doesnt overperform for anyone. Plenty of tanks are better than it when looked at overal winrate too, like STB, Patton and 140, and obviously 430U. Lets nerf Those tanks along with Progetto then.

          2. Progetto should be nerfed because it’s the best non ru med? What kind of retarded argument is this? Are you one of the WoT balance specialists commenting here undercover by chance?

            1. I wrote that “best non-ru medium” for a reason. It is too bouncy for the speed and the gun it has. No problem if it hadn’t had the autoreloader feature. As for the winrate curve, check out the one of the Manticore. Does that mean it’s a good tank ? Fuck no. It should get a nerf, and so should 430u and 907. But we ain’t gonna get that, are we ? But that’s no reason for keeping other tanks in a overperforming state.

  2. FICK equipment 2.0 (last moment panic squeezed into this patch, why??? just WHY??? At least I hate the new interface if not the fact that I have to check all my tanks again about if I put the “right thing in the right slot”, just imbecile WG logic).

    FICK Italy nerf & FICK that panicking italy premium buff (I have it, but FICK no, it doesn’t need buff, just don’t nerf it. WG is on PTSD or some shit like dat???)

    FICK russia buffs… FICK that useless nerf to OBJs.

    FICK USA buffs, just a joke, not enough.

    FICK Polish new tech tree line. WHY the new mechanism is only on tier X??? Not even on the tier VIII premium???

    Typical asshole Whore Gayming.

    I just hope someday near, WG servers are permanently down either by fire, earthquake, floodling or even maybe COVID can do (God please let COVID evolve in the correct direction of becoming a virus that can do that to WG servers).

  3. so will they demount our old equipment from all tanks in our garage? or we need to do it ourselves (spending gold of course)?I am asking since I have about 140 tanks in garage-most kitted out, rest with at least some equipment on

    1. It seems like they will, when you jump on the test server they remove them for free so I dont see why they wouldnt for live server

      1. They will enable missions that you have to grind so you can earn 30 (THIRTY!!!) free demounting kits. The rest you have to either destroy, spend gold on, or play for years to get enough demounitng kits to move.

    2. Same tbh, I’m really concerned about the equipment on my tanks. Don’t wanna have to spend gold just because I picked my equipment in the wrong order back when it didn’t matter

      1. Switching equipment slots is completely free just like switching the order of Frontlines battle reserves or consumables…

        1. Ah wow, didn’t know that. I should pay more attention to their articles 😅

          Anyway. Thanks mate <3 Very useful comment. I’d leave a Like, but WordPress seems to absolutely hate my Google account

  4. What WG really needs to do is

    nerf the wheeled cancer much harder. You can still bounce off their wheels with no effect.
    Demount all equipment for free and offer the option to sell it for the full purchase price. Right now, if you want to replace equipment with new one, you will lose credits, and if you have a lot of tanks you will have no choice but to spend gold for demounting equipment. As it is now, WG is actually stealing from players.

    1. Long time EBR player here. I never once BOUNCED any shells off my wheels. They absorb the shells and get damaged in the process. People say the mobility debuff when that happens is still not enough, hence the rebalance, but I honestly can notice a huge difference, even on the tier 10

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