Update 1.10: Rewards for players with many battles

Update 1.10 added a number of new medals and progressive stickers for players who participated in many battles. Here’s how they look:

There are four stages: for 150k, 200k, 250k and 300k random battles, and each has its own “beast” assigned. The medal/sticker is called „Hero of our time”.

24 thoughts on “Update 1.10: Rewards for players with many battles

  1. Rewards for Botting or giving up his own life for this pixelshit? Wow… the world was waiting for this.

  2. If i were to ever reach that much battles which is not gonna happen i would rather not have those medals lmao its a reminder how much precious time wasted on game!!!
    almost like an insult to be awarded this

  3. They really have no idea how much their playerbase plays if they think 150k as a minimum is a good idea let alone 300k. Reallistically it should be 20k, 40k, 60k, 80k, and 100k. Most long time players will fall in around the 40k to 60k range with more casual players likely haiving less than 40k battles.

    Only people that will get these awards are bots or actual players who have no lives.

  4. let me guess… the counter starts on patchday, just like with the silly new tonk stickers.

    also, as with all WOT medals, there will be no ingame reward for these “achievements”…

  5. You know what would be cool WG? Awarding players for milestones like 100 games played, 1000 games played, 1000, 10000 victories etc with actual rewards like credits, consumables or premium days or WHATEVER. But what do we get? A very cool popup congratulating us for wasting our time.

  6. Can’t wait for the medals and stickers for the number of illegal mods used and bans evaded

  7. Why are they rewarding bots

    300k battles is litteraly unachievable. Even if that person spent an average of 3 minutes in battle it would take them an entire 2 years of non-stop play time to achieve that. And battles last longer than that. Litteraly only bots can achieve this

  8. If we assume an average matchtime of, say, 7 minutes, 150k battles amount to a whopping 17500 hours or 729 full days of playing time. Anybody who spends that amount of his lifetime should be awarded the title “Moron of our time”.

  9. Cheap azz rewards for hrs of battling clown cars and packs of autoloaders that spam gold. Get the gold out of your pocket and give us descent reward for playing 30,000 games or been playing over5 yrs

  10. Given the species used in these medals/stickers, it is more of a mocking to players who reach these thresholds – they are extinct. Probably because of stupidity.

  11. after 9 years of playing the game I’m at cca 60k battles(and that is a lot)…in that time I saw maybe 5 (ill be generous and say 10) players with over 100k battles…..wtf are those guys at Cyprus doing?…had all that coke and vodka finally killed last working braincell in WG HQ?

  12. 35k battles after 8 Years and nearly fed up by this game. Guess who will never get such an medal.

  13. I have approx 50k battles, and I think had already played too much.

  14. I have an average of around 9K games for year, and I think I play a lot.
    I can’t imagine how anyone can hit 300K games and stay healthy.

  15. I was play this game from 2011 and i fought in 26,573 battles was funny until some ”updates”, mega ”events” was released :))) …. now i have more than a half year of NOT EVEN log in in this game… and I DON*T MISS IT 🙂

  16. 300k, that’s about 4 hours of battles (not including garage, loading and countdown) every damn day for 10 years straight.
    I’d be suicidal if I got that medal.

  17. well, i have more than 50k battles and i can tell u 1 thing – dear CG, u can take those medals and put them right in to your stupid ass…1 automatic fire-extinguisher would be more valuable than all medals combined…
    And frankly, the gameplay is horrible right now, Clickers + F* cars = unplayable RNG bullshit. Im just playing 10 battles a day (if i get lucky) to get 120 points to get the Free tier 6 premium tank at the end of the month, and thats it. Ranked battles? I would let prisoners play it, as punishment…

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