Top of the Tree: FV4005 Stage II

Source: EU Portal

It is time to put on a suit and get your license to kill. The latest Top of the Tree shines a spotlight on her Majesty’s deadliest weapons—British tank destroyers. This Tech Tree line is filled with amazing support vehicles that are as clever, charming, and competent as an MI6 agent. The most ruthless towers over them all right at the top and answers to Stage II … X FV4005 Stage II .

Equipped with a devastating 183 mm gun, this tank destroyer deals a potential 1,750 damage. Two hits of its HESH shells and even a German Maus will crawl back into its hole. But don’t let this tempt you into making hasty decisions. A good secret agent knows that patience is key to success. Try to stay one step ahead of the villain. Wait for them to lay out their plan. Let your team do the research. And wait for the right moment to shine!

Shake or stir up the battlefield from July 20 at 07:00 CEST through August 20 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) and take advantage of great discounts and missions all the way to the top. Don’t forget that you can also purchase an extra boost if you really want to speed things up!

Missions available here:

6 thoughts on “Top of the Tree: FV4005 Stage II

      1. At least arty has low penetration. WG thinks 230 pen (from iirc 275) was good enough.

        Well, FV is entirely balanced around its gold ammo, as toxic and disrespectful of players and game it may be (not that WG gives a damn, I legit feel sorry for the Russian people who have to deal with such companies on a daily basis).

        1. 230mm is still enough to pen most of the targets that FVs usually go after (LTs, MTs) because they are normally the first ones to rush into position.

          And the high alpha that I simply cannot understand.

          I mean, their government is known for their lack of transparency but seems like WG inherited that as well.

          1. And the high alpha that I simply cannot understand.

            And this is why the FV is such a poorly balanced tank. The massive alpha is basically the only reason why anyone would want to play this thing, I’m sure that if they were to improve everything but nerf alpha the tank would disappear from the game, or become a rare sight at best.

            WG knows this, and knows majority of FV player run full gold (which is IMHO not just toxic but wasteful as well), so they’re fine with leaving things as they are.

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