13 thoughts on “WoT 10th Anniversary: Special Garage Pictures

  1. Not enough that they are spamming us with offer popups after almost every battle, now the whole garage will be covered with ads.

    1. hahahaahah.

      I felt very uncomfortable with this garage. But I failed to tell what.

      Thanks for pointing it out!

  2. What ever happened to us getting the T34-85 skin with the flags for the Russki parade on EU?

    1. Eekeeboo was hungry and ate them all during last week’s WoT stream

  3. Obj780 will be winter campaign new reward tank regarding one CC. About Obj 268 v5 he told can’t say nothing, just stay tuned. Who knows… maybe some marathon during WG 10th aniversary?

  4. They don*t even bored to change last year garage anniversary :))) NICE DRUNK PEOPLE WG :))

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