Update 1.10: 🇺🇸 T77 – Changed Stats (Again)

In the second iteration of the test, the changes introduced earlier in the vehicle stats were abandoned.

Tier: MT-8, USA, premium

Power-to-weight: 13,91 hp / t   14,28 hp / t
Hull turning speed: 43,81 °/s   34,42 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,1 / 1,2 / 2,1   1,2 / 1,3 / 2,4
View range: 400 m   380 m

Gun: 120 mm Gun T179 in Mount 169

Alpha Damage: 400 / 400 / 515   360 / 360 / 460
Penetration: 198 / 280 / 60   215 / 270 / 60 mm
Rate of fire: 4,78   4,25 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 1 913   1 530
Rounds in autoloader: 5 rounds.   3 rounds.
Reload time between autoloader rounds: 3,7 s   2,0 s
Complete reload time: 47,94 s   38,38 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,36   0,35
Aiming time: 2,78 s   2,40 s

Rounds in magazine: 40 rounds.   36 rounds.

Aim spread:

  • after firing: 4,0   4,5;
  • during turret rotation at maximum speed: 6,34   5,55;

14 thoughts on “Update 1.10: 🇺🇸 T77 – Changed Stats (Again)

  1. Aw no i thought t77 could have been cool medium part of t57… they made t8 premium instead 🙁 as always,,,

    1. The crazy thing is imagine if WG did 2 things it would vastly improve the balance and profitability of the game I think.

      1) Tech tree tank conversion to premium status = Tech tree tanks are subject to nerfs and buffs unlike premiums which are treated like a hot girl protected by white knights. These converted premiums are healthier for game balance, more enjoyable for the players, and they would easily save WG lots of money in the long run while making money off existing tanks. Players have been asking for this kind of system for almost 10 fucking years now and despite it being a common sense sort of system they still refuse to do it. Shit even fucking War Thunder has had this kind of system for years now and its quite profitable for them.

      2) Using existing premiums to complete/create tank lines in the tech tree. = The basic principle is to put premium tanks in certain tank lines to complete them while making them lose their prem status. At the same time anyone who owned those tanks as premiums get to keep their premium status on them. Its a great way to reign in premium tanks by converting them into tech tree tanks and also a means to flesh out more tank lines which got gutted so WG could create premium tanks.

  2. So, a tier VIII premium has a larger caliber (120 mm) than T54E1 at tier IX (105 mm)…

    The connection in brain is truly a mystery. Especially for WG when thinking about balancing.

    But who cares, as USSR just always has that crucial extra 2 mm for overmatching a hell lot of plates.

  3. Just half the alpha? (1080 not 2000!)
    And yet reload only went down like 21%

    I mean i prefer to hit and pen, over rolling dice, but since the game mechanics are broken either way…………..

  4. So the auto-loader T-77 has more pen than the single shot T42?
    The level of incompetence in Wargaming baffles the mind every time.

  5. Aaaand now it fucking SUCKS
    wg incompetent indie game developer
    cant balance shit

  6. For all you out there whining this thing sucks…let your brain matter think about it’s tech tree counterpart the T69…let it sink in…

    Do you still think it sucks compared to the T69 or Pershing?

    If you still think yes, then you are the problem that WG continues with power creep and too good a premiums in WoT…let that sink in.

    1. Now compare it to the Progetto and this thing is laughable bad.

  7. you gotta love how in both iterations the T77 promotes the use of gold ammo

    on the last “balance”, which was now reverted, the gun could only pen 198mm, we already know how much the T32 struggled and thus why they planned to buff it to just slightly above 200mm pen, well 198mm is still much better than the 181mm on the T69 but the T77 has 2 massive disadvantages neither the T32, T69 or M26 have
    1) it is huge (for non-German Tier 8 MT standards), the cammo rating will be low and there will be many objects were MTs usually hide that the T77 can’t
    2) standard ammo is ACPR which means it will suffer when it comes to normalization

    so what happens when a MT with low pen, bounces shots frequently and can’t hide is “face-to-face” with a enemy tank? it spams gold so that it can make sure every HIT does damage and the chance for bouncing is reduced

    so what is the difference now that they reverted those changes?
    215mm pen is decent for Tier 8, still below the normal for a 120mm caliber gun (especially being the same as on the Tiers 9 and 10 HTs) but it will still fire APCR as standard meaning bounces will happen, when you add to that losing 4 rounds and having its avg dmg reduced from 400 to 360, the result will still be the same

    spam gold so that every HIT counts given that you have less potential damage and less ammo to spend, especially given that with only 3 rounds in the magazine you can’t even expect to burst kill a same Tier MT when they have full HP
    Tier 8 MT HP pool: there are 2 with 1200 HP, all the others with at least 1300 HP up to 1450 HP, 2 go as high as 1500 HP
    now imagine fighting a Soviet MT and having 1 of the 3 APCR shots bounce on the round turret, what can you do knowing he is faster and can simply pen you on the LFP?

    1. well, it has been a good number of years since they have done anything for the US TT, which means players are waiting for new content, which means they can sell quite a bunch of premiums to those waiting for something new or at least something they can actually play regularly and stay at least somewhat competitive under the current META

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